Sweden farewell European Cup Ibrahimovic career finally det

Sweden farewell European Cup Ibrahimovic career finally det

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After Sweden farewell European Cup Ibrahimovic career finally determine next: wearing jersey No. 8 No. 8 Manchester United Mourinho reunited with Dream Theater. At present, fifa 17 coins xbox one according to the "team" message, after the introduction of personal sports brand A-Z,

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paris and three former teammate large joint venture in Italy founded a holding company.It is reported that Ibrahim and three former teammate Wei Ladi Greater Paris, Maxwell and Siliguri in Milan, Italy, founded the joint venture holding company called Cirooo SRL, and four co-invest 100 million euros, of which, 58% Ibrahimovic of the shares, becoming the largest shareholder and chairman of the company, and the remaining three teammates were invested 14%.

Allegedly, the holding company's main business purpose is to "buy, sell, hold and manage the company's other businesses in any field or public Group shares." Profit sharing provisions as follows: 10% directly attributable to Ibrahimovic personal name, and then the remaining 90% distributed according to the proportion of shares held in four people in the middle.Ibrahimovic has always been a shrewd business sense, in October last year, buy fut 17 coins Ibrahimovic hit 11 million euros TAG bought a cathedral in Stockholm, Sweden, and a few weeks ago, he has just launched its own sportswear brand A-Z.
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