Barry Ferguson raves about Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos

Barry Ferguson raves about Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos

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ibcbetGlasgow Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos picked up red card during the Ibrox club’s latest Scottish Premiership clash against Aberdeen.However, former Gers hero Barry Ferguson believes that there is no point in changing Morelos’s volatile nature, because that is what makes him unplayable.The 22-year-old has been one of the key players for Rangers this season, having scored 23 goals in all competitions. However, at the same time, he has struggled with his discipline, and picked up four red cards this season already.

The centre-forward received a red card due to an incident with Aberdeen’s Scott McKenna on Wednesday, butibcbetFerguson thinks Rangers should let him play his natural game as that makes him a special player.He adds that Morelos is probably the best striker in Scotland this season, and an ‘absolute menace’ which makes him such a ‘special talent’.“I’ve realised no amount of advice or good intentions will ever change him. I wouldn’t try to change a thing about him because it’s that nasty, volatile streak which is bringing out the best in him and taking his game to a new level,” he said in his Daily Record column.

“So much so that on Wednesday he was unplayable. If he needs that fire raging in his belly then so be it. If that means you’re always having to gamble on him not blowing his top, then that’s fine too.“Because Morelos is becoming such a special talent that Rangers and Steven Gerrard will just have to go with the flow when it comes to mood swings.“That player, by the way, is probably the best in Scotland this season and most certainly Rangers’ top man by a distance.

I also see the look on the faces of the defenders he’s upibcbetagainst and it tells me they can’t wait to see the back of him. He’s an absolute menace and they must dread coming up against him.”Ferguson is right with his assessment on Morelos. He is unplayable at times, and his volatile streak bring the best out of him at times. But at the same time, this is getting monotonous, and in a way, he is letting Steven Gerrard and his team down by failing to control his temper.
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Re: Barry Ferguson raves about Rangers striker Alfredo Morel

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