That's all a recession is: a shortage of money in circulati

That's all a recession is: a shortage of money in circulati

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BEIJING Golden Tate III Jersey , March 5 (Xinhua) -- People across China on Saturday marked "Lei Feng Day" with a variety of charitable activities from blood donation to free hair-cuts in remembrance of the young solider known for his altruism.

Lei was made a national hero after Chairman Mao Zedong called on the whole nation to "learn from Comrade Lei Feng" on March 5, 1963. The soldier, who died in an accident in 1962 at the age 22, was known for selflessly devoting his time and money to those in need.

About half a century has passed, and local governments, NGOs Barry Sanders Jersey , schools and neighborhoods in China still hold volunteer activities on March 5 to promote the spirit of helping others.

In Shanghai, hundreds of elderly citizens lined in front of stands in Zhabei Park where volunteers offered free-of-charge services ranging from fixing old shoes to conducting health checkups.

One volunteer, Yu Yiying, said such "micro-needs" of families are their main targets on Lei Feng Day. "There are still many such needs that are left unmet -- it is where social organizations can play a big role," he said.

Donations of clothes and cash are other common forms of March 5 activities in China, where young students and NGO workers also helped the disadvantaged groups including the disabled and low-income earners.

In a courtyard in Beijing Cheap Lions Hats , a group of visually impaired people listened to a comedy film with the help of a "commentator," who constantly described the appearances and actions of the characters to help the audience understand the plot.

In Xianju County in Zhejiang Province, a "wish box" was set up to allow citizens to throw in cards carrying their wishes. The wishes will be "sold" on an online platform where users can pick wishes to fulfill.

The annual celebration of the day has however been a matter debate in recent years, as some question the effect of the once-in-a-year carnival in promoting charitable deeds in daily lives.

"It is a day when the otherwise deserted nursery homes are flooded by volunteers and the elderly inmates had their feet washed by different groups of volunteers [to show their care] eight times a day," said "Nanhangxuchuan" on twitter-like Sina Weibo.

Others defend the celebration in an era when altruism is allegedly eroded by a moral decline. "We need Lei Feng, more than ever Cheap Lions T-Shirts , to boost morales among good Samaritans," said another blogger "Yuanxihu," referring to a number of demoralizing news in which people chose to frame their helpers to seek compensation.

Online debates aside, many Chinese volunteer groups hold Lei Feng as a source of inspiration and believe the day can help promote volunteering work in China.

"Learning from Lei Feng is not an empty slogan but our concrete actions," said Wen Yuejian, a member of a club consisting of more than 100 charity-minded taxi drivers and private car owners.

The club encourages its members to offer free rides to needy passengers Cheap Lions Hoodie , such as exam-going students, and uses WeChat, a popular messaging app, to hold charity events.

For Wen, the era of mobile Internet has opened up more opportunities for grassroots volunteers, allowing them to self-mobilize more efficiently to follow the steps of Lei Feng.

"We have moved our battle field online Customized Lions Jerseys ," Wen said. "Now our chat room is full of lively discussion on new charity events."

Emma Watson

An online threat to release nude photos of British actress Emma Watson after she launched a gender equality campaign at the United Nations was revealed on Wednesday to be a hoax - and probably by a hoax group.

Until late Tuesday night, the EmmaYouAreNext website, which appeared earlier on online message board 4chan, showed a countdown clock and a threat to release illegally obtained photos of the Harry Potter actress.

Earlier this month personal photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton were posted on the image-sharing forum 4Chan.

But the threat emerged to be a hoax, with the EmmaYouAreNext website redirecting to the web page of Rantic (www.rantic), an online domain that claims to be a social media marketing enterprise Cheap Lions Jerseys , that featured the message #shutdown4chan.

"Join us as we shutdown 4chan and prevent more private pictures from being leaked," said a statement on the sparce Rantic website, adding the company had been hired by celebrity publicists to bring this issue to attention.

However, Rantic itself could be a hoax, according to various media reports. No media outlets were able to track down the company directly and emails sent by the Thomson Reuters Foundation bounced back.

The incident happened after Watson, a United Nations Women's Goodwill Ambassador Nick Bellore Lions Jersey , gave a speech in New York on Saturday amid a blaze of publicity, urging men to join the fight for gender equality and end violence and discrimination against women.

Her speech marked the launch of "HeForShe" campaign that aims to mobilise 1 billion men and boys over the course of 12 months to support gender equality. By late Wednesday the number signed up to pledge to fight for equality had reached 100,000.

KIEV, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- Three Jordanian citizens were killedin a car crash in Ukraine's eastern city of Kharkov late Thursday,the State Emergency Service said Friday.

The accident occurred at 11:53 p.m. local time (20:53 GMT), whenthe driver of a passenger car lost control of his vehicle and hit apower line pole Jeff Locke Lions Jersey , the agency said in a statement.

Three passengers, who were university students in Kharkov, diedat the scene. The local police have launched an investigation intothe accident.

According to official statistics, 1,377 people have lost theirlives in over 76,000 traffic accidents in Ukraine during the firsthalf of 2017. Enditem

ANKARA Miles Killebrew Lions Jersey , Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's official visit to Qat.
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