Final Fantasy XIV Companion Program Curious

Final Fantasy XIV Companion Program Curious

Postautor: 4Rsercom » 7 sie 2018, o 08:11

Nowadays there are a myriad of options for mobile MMORPGs, but sometimes what you really want is just a good conventional PC MMO. Come late July, fans of Square Enix's Buy FF14 Gil receive the best of both worlds with the release of the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App for Android and iOS.

The FFXIV Companion App enables you to connect your in-game characters to your mobile apparatus and talk with your friends across different servers. Additionally, it features a scheduler so you can work out the best times to hop to a raid or PvP event.

Standard item management is also incorporated into the program so you can swap items between your inventory and armory. For anybody who's played the game for more than a couple of months, you realize how much of a nuisance it is to organize your items. Soon you will be able to do it while driving the bus or walking your dog.

There's also the capability to send an Moogle to purchase or sell a product in the marketplace board, or provide directions to one of your retainers. Doing this will cost kupo nuts, that can be a daily login benefit for the app.

Mog coins aren't the only way the program is monetized, since there's also a superior subscription available that will run users around $5 a month. This unlocks a couple more features of the app, like retainer stock management, in addition to in-game advantages.

Chocobo saddlebag size is also doubled.

Square Enix first teased the program in April, to mixed enthusiast reactions. While both the free and premium versions provide utility to gamers, the way it is monetized strikes some too heavy handed, especially considering FFXIV Equipment is one of the costliest MMORPGs on the market.
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Re: Final Fantasy XIV Companion Program Curious

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