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CANNES Cheap Geronimo Allison Jersey , France, May 24 (Xinhua) -- "We want to create a Chinese Lord of the Rings. There are two rings in the story and the origin of the book comes from there," Chinese novelist Cang Yue told Xinhua in Cannes.

"I finished this book eight years ago, and from the beginning I had the idea to adapt the story of the books into a movie, but at that time the visual effects technology were not good enough like today," Cang Yue told Xinhua in an exclusive interview during the presentation of the film project "The Mirror: Twin Cities" at the 68 Cannes Film Festival.

The Mirror is an epic tale of love Cheap Justin Vogel Jersey , war and magic. Spanning decades and oceans. The story takes place in Eden, a fantastical world of powerful sorcery, tragic romance, meticulously detailed action sequences and thrilling quests, and it features a colorful cast of complex characters.

The contemporary book series, written by Chinese wuxia novelist Cang Yue Cheap Kentrell Brice Jersey , has already been sold more than seven million copies. The Mirror series consists of six books:" Twin Cities", "Po Jun", "Long Zhan", "Pi Tian", "Shen Ji" and "Zhi Meng Zhe". Yue's most recognized works include The Mirror series, Tingxue Avilion Cheap Dean Lowry Jersey , The Feather series, Wind Flowers and Deepest Dark.

High level technology will be key for this project, Cang Yue explained.

"I'm very satisfied with the team and about this China-Canada coproduction, I would like to have in the film very high quality visual effects and I would like to reach the Hollywood top level," she said, adding that she would like to use the CGI (Computer-generated imagery) technology to make become true all the characters in the book.

According to the novelist Cheap Kyle Murphy Jersey , China can have the high level technology from other countries, like Canada and the United States. And an international vision to make the movie more competitive abroad is needed.

The project will be developed for the international market as multiple English feature films, and the books will be published in English and presented at the New York Book Expo America.

The script of this movie is not finished yet, but the story is very large and it will be necessary to cut some unnecessary parts, Yue explained.

"I will keep in touch with the screenwriter John Collee," She added.

The production of the movie will be in the hands of Liming Ke ("So Young" and "Tiny Times") Cheap Jahri Evans Jersey , Danny Bergeron ("Jupiter Ascending", and "X-Men: Days of Future Past") and Andrew Mason ("The Matrix").

Cang Yue thinks that the emotions, affection and love among all the characters will touch the foreign audience like, for example, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Ang Lee.

"Even if we have a different culture Cheap Davon House Jersey , I would like to use this oriental style of love and emotion among characters and to touch western people's heart," she stressed.


When trying to figure out the important elements of today’s fashion world, swing tags probably won’t come to mind. When attempting to figure out what a company stands for and what they’re trying to represent, a good tag can do that in a moment. To certain companies, however, they’re a perfect encapsulation of the brand. No shirt worth the fabric it’s made from would go out on the floor without one Cheap Ty Montgomery Jersey , for example. It’s certainly a piece that no company would go without when selling something.

The company that avoids putting custom clothing tags on their items is lacking tons of free advertising. Their ability to sell the company’s particular ad campaign or position is extremely helpful. It might be as simple as a logo or as detailed as a mission statement. It could be something like a few lines about what the company stands for, or just more space for a snazzy logo. It just remains to be seen what catches the eye of the customer, which is the most important thing in business, not just fashion.

While their existence can be magic if utilized well, custom clothing tags have their own set of issues if used improperly. However, there’s still a major problem if the company decides to stretch the truth a little bit. No one wants to get taken advantage of and the company that partakes in dishonest activity will surely feel the sting of lost profit. Plus Cheap Quinten Rollins Jersey , the reputation will take a beating, which harms everyone involved, not just those running the business. It’s certainly not good for anyone if and when that occurs in the business.

No matter what type of technology has been created for tags, the key for success in fashion is obvious. On that little piece of cardboard lies the greatest example of brand importance. It’s just down to the advertising people to make sure to utilize that space as best they can. After all, people have short attention spans, so grabbing them is certainly necessary for success. And as anyone can tell you Cheap Damarious Randall Jersey , ignoring a sizable chunk of potential fans isn’t smart.

A company should tack on swing tags on every one of their garments if they wish to advertise the business in an inexpensive way. Many people still take the time to visit stores and malls, and they’re always curious to see what the better deals are. They’re a great way to get across the company’s mission statement or premiere an eye-catching logo. It’s where the designers make their largest impact on the financial reports. After all, the budget influences everything when making final decisions.

Labels are essential to both guide and brand a product. Custom clothing tags also enhances the appearance of the product. An appropriate example can be found if you click this text.

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