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MADRID, June 25 (Xinhua) -- Spanish basketball star Pau Gasol on Saturday confirmed he would form part of the squad for the Rio Olympic Games despite his well-publicized worries about the threat posed by the Zika Virus.

The most famous Spanish basketball player of all time, who led the Spanish to silver medals in the Beijing and London Olympics, had raised doubts over his participation a month ago when he wrote a column in the El Pais newspaper, questioning the safety of the Rio games because of the Zika virus, which is known to cause brain defects in unborn babies.

Gasol wrote that he had been surprised by the lack of awareness of the threat of the virus in Eruope, adding that it was something that had to be taken seriously by athletes and that he was contemplating not going. He later added that he was considering freezing his sperm as a precaution.

On Saturday, he explained that despite these worries he will be travelling to Brazil.

""I have taken a decision over by availability for the national side in Rio 2016 and I want to go and to be with the team in my fourth Olympic Games. I want to help the national team one more time,"" he wrote in sports paper Marca.

Gasol said he had no regrets over making his fears over Zika public. ""It was my responsibility to warn about Zika, because it is a serious issue, but my responsibility is also to help my team,"" he commented.

Spain coach Sergio Scariolo will name the squad for the Rio Oylmpics on Monday June 27th.


Man Utd: Pep Guardiola Or Jose Mourinho?

Most hockey players and teams know that they should warm-up prior to they hit the ice. The 70-year-old mastermind recently announced that he’ll be leading the red devils for Another season subsequent year Josh Morrissey Jersey , but one can’t help wondering what will occur when he does decide to call it a day – almost certainly in the next 3 years.

Most hockey players and teams know that they need to warm-up prior to they hit the ice. Our record-breaking $1. 65 trillion deficit since 2002 has left many people wondering how in the world we will ever tackle the hugest number we have ever seen in that category. Josep Guardiola.

Again, why should he be considered for the seat in Old Trafford?Two reasons come to mind. 1 trillion of it in ten years. Personal exemptions for high-income taxpayers under PEP are reduced in accordance with an increase in adjusted gross income (AGI). Personal exemptions for high-income taxpayers under PEP are reduced in accordance with an increase in adjusted gross income (AGI). Part of This extremely is thanks to his strong mind games against the opponent. The distinctive one is his nickname, and for very good reason.

In the recession-crippled era Joel Armia Jersey , that number is down to about 10 million cars per year. Drivers nonetheless are not keen on Creating a brand new vehicle purchase, and they may have even seen the dealership exactly where they originally bought the vehicle close down. Part of the key to Barcelona’s success this season surely goes back to the FIFA World Cup, won by Spain in July; the Spanish squad started without having fewer than seven Bara players within the Cup Final. A wind I’d gladly see ending inside the Manchester area. Truth be told Connor Hellebuyck Jersey , his strong ties with Ambramovic makes this a bad bet.

In addition, technology has advanced to the point that cars are lasting longer than they ever have before. . Would it surprise you to understand that you can get a highly effective, hockey-specific off-ice warm-up routine accomplished in one minute or less Michael Hutchinson Jersey , with the whole team within the dressing room? Push all of the bags to one corner of the dressing room and it is possible to get all your players Doing this rapidly off-ice warm-up in the exact same time. However what quite strikes me when it comes to Mourinho’s style is that he is genuinely a master strategic, he can win matches against superior teams. The surge in men and women hanging on to older vehicles is because of a number of factors, one of which is simply sheer numbers. Pep Boys has over 600 shops nationwide Dustin Byfuglien Jersey , but is taking advantage of the excellent company by adding 35 additional stores.

Obama’s proposal also limits the amount that high-income taxpayers could claim for several itemized deductions, including charitable contributions, mortgage interest Nikolaj Ehlers Jersey , and state and local tax payments. In his 4-year spell at Barca, he’s won pretty a lot everything he could have. However what very strikes me in relation to Mourinho’s design is that he is really a master strategic, he can win matches against superior teams. Again Bryan Little Jersey , why ought to he be considered for the seat in Old Trafford?Two factors come to mind. In the new bill, President Obama proposed to eliminate those tax breaks, meaning that the exempted amounts would be lower and as well the tax rates will likely be higher on federally taxable estates.

These plans allow drivers to buy an utilised car with a limited warranty backed by the manufacturer. Run by means of it 5 times in a row and I guarantee that you’ll come flying out of the gate in the initial period. While on one hand Guadiola is FC Barcelona through and through – he played as part of Cruyff’s “Dream Team” and just before being first team coach he was coaching Barcelona B – but on the other he has said that he doesn’t require to be within the job for 25 years like Sir Alex Ferguson Jacob Trouba Jersey , delivering outcomes year in and year out – the pressure of Doing that must be immense. Conclusion. That means Spain’s top two teams will both be Performing all they can to win as multiple games as possible, waiting for the other team to slip up.

Check out all the issues of PEP and what Pep 2012 is all about.

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