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HAVANA Jeff Skinner Hoodie , Feb. 10 (Xinhua) -- Over 300 athletes from 16 countries will participate at the 46th International Wrestling Tournament "Granma-Cerro Pelado" , to start here on Wednesday, the Cuban official media highlighted.

Among the nations with the strongest presence, the daily "Granma" mentioned Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany Justin Faulk Hoodie , United States, India, and Canada. It will guarantee a "hurricane of fifth category on the mattresses of the Havana Sports City until next Sunday" , the paper stressed.

Meanwhile, the hosting island is to be represented by three wrestlers in every event.

Wednesday is scheduled to start with the Greco-Roman style in the divisions of 59, 71, 80 and 98 kilograms. In that modality Cuba has laid its major expectance on the shoulders of Ismael Borrero and Maykel Anache Jeff Skinner Hurricanes Jersey , both in 59 kgs; Reynier Lescay (71), Alan Vera (80), and Yasmani Lugo (98).

Related to the main pitfalls among the visitors, Granma cited the Americans Spencer Mango (59 kg and No. 12 in the world ranking), Kendrick Sanders (71kg-20), Ben Vicar (80kg-19) and Caylor Williams (98kg-17).

The Granma-Cerro Pelado Tournament is considered the most important wrestling competition in Cuba. In the previous matches the locals conquered seven of the eight titles in dispute of the Classic Style, three in the female free-style Justin Faulk Hurricanes Jersey , and six among the men in the same category, followed by the United States (6) and Colombia (2).

Cuban wrestling will meet forces during 2015 in other international commitments as the Pan American Championships in Santiago, Chile (24-26 April), the continental games in Toronto (15-18 July), the world championships in Las Vegas (7-12 September), and the World Cup in Los Angeles (11-12 April) for the free style fighters.

Pennsylvania:A parent body slammed a high school referee after he ordered the man's wife out of the gym for allegedly yelling obscenities during a basketball game.

The referee was treated at a hospital for a concussion and released after the attack. Charged with simple assault, assault on a sports official Authentic Jeff Skinner Jersey , reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct was a 47 year old father.

Kentucky: A father of a T-ball player was briefly jailed after an outburst against an umpire during a game involving 5 and 6 year-olds.

The accused threatened to beat the umpire moments before walking onto the field and starting a fight with an official,according to the criminal complaint. A girl who was playing in the game suffered a minor injury when she was struck in the face during the scuffle.

Every day in America and around the world,sports officials are physically and verbally harassed. Most incidents do not require police or medical assistance, but in some cases, the harassment turns violent.

The fact that such behavior occurs at sporting events involving youth participants is appalling in itself, but the frequency in which these reports now occur is even more disturbing.

NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) receives more than 100 reports annually that involve physical contact between coaches, players Authentic Justin Faulk Jersey , fans and officials. The nearly 18,000 member organization is not the "clearinghouse for bad behavior," says NASO President Barry Mano, but it is the belief by NASO that the reports it receives is only the "tip of the iceberg."

Loss of control by parents has long-term negative effects on the lives of the children, the school, and the parents themselves, as the following story illustrates:

Florida:A Parent enters the soccer field to check on his son Cheap Jeff Skinner Jersey , who has been injured in a skirmish for the ball. Angry that a more severe penalty had not been levied on the opposing player, the parent confronts the referee and shoves him to the ground.

After the school had to forfeit the game, the parent was later banned from attending all extracurricular activities involving the school for at least one year and possibly through his son's graduation.

According to sports psychologist Darrell Burnett, Ph.D., often such parents are reliving unrealized dreams through their children. They somehow get caught up in the win-at-all cost frenzy.

The core problem comes from parents being too invested, emotionally and financially, in their children's games. They sometimes have misplaced self esteem. Another factor Cheap Justin Faulk Jersey , according to Dr. Burnett, is a general attitude in our society encouraging us to retaliate when frustrated rather than using negotiation skills: "somebody pushes their buttons and away they go."

Yes, if they desire it. Learning to manage sports anger is a process of applying two of the eight core tools of anger control: (1) Adjust expectations of performance to realistic levels and (2) communicate displeasure you may have with assertive communication skills.

Keep a moderate level of intensity; not completely detached, but not overly aggressive.

Adjust your expectations to a realistic level by putting the sporting event into proper perspective.
Other tips include:

*Don't yell at the coach or child. If you have an issue, discuss it assertively at the appropriate time.

*Don't try to coach from the sidelines. Again, if you have an issue with the coach, your child Jeff Skinner Jersey , or other children, discuss it privately.

*Stay interested, supportive and positive.

*Praise the effort and the progress as achievement, not just the outcome.

*Model good sportsmanship.

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