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by Liu Chang

CAIRO Authentic Dellin Betances Jersey , June 30 (Xinhua) -- As Iran and the world powers are almost certain to miss once again the self-imposed deadline for a comprehensive nuclear agreement due to lingering divide, Washington should act to reduce its trust deficit with Tehran, the real reason behind the difficulties.

In Vienna, Austria's capital, where negotiators have gathered for the last round of nuclear talks before the June 30 deadline, miracles seem to have not arrived yet as Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Authentic Sonny Gray Jersey , according to reports, has traveled back to Tehran to discuss with Iran's top leadership on removing sanctions.

Zarif's temporary departure, which he himself did not explain and has put the talks on hold, has suggested that inside the meeting room, the representatives of Iran and the P5+1 group, the United States Authentic Aroldis Chapman Jersey , Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany, have failed to make major breakthroughs in some of the biggest hurdles Authentic C.C. Sabathia Jersey , such as sanctions and access to Iran's military sites.

The eleventh-hour drama has already prompted observers and media to speculate more months of tough and marathon talks that would easily run into the same roadblocks just as today's.

After a year and a half of on-and-off dialogues since the ice-breaking telephone conversation between U.S. President Barack Obama and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, in late 2013, no one can deny the fact that the two key negotiating parties have been been slow in consolidating mutual trust.

Looking back, the history of Iran-U.S. relations are crowded with animosities. The United States staged a coup in Iran and restored the rule of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1953 for oil resources. However, the Shah of Iran was toppled in the 1979 Islamic Revolution Authentic Greg Bird Jersey , and that was exactly when Tehran and Washington began to turn against each other as adversaries.

In later years, Washington supported Iraq in an eight-year war against the Islamic Republic, and has slapped rounds of economic sanctions that have seriously plagued Iran's economy for the alleged nuclear arms ambition that even to this day no one can prove or falsify.

Because of those animosities, it is such a hard job for the two countries to resurrect their long-lost trust in such short time even though they know the importance of a rapprochement.

However, the difficulties to shrink the trust deficit are no excuse for not trying, and the United States should take the lead in tearing down the wall of distrust.

The Obama administration's strategy to solve the Iranian nuclear problem is innately flawed. From its outset Authentic Giancarlo Stanton Jersey , the U.S. leader's pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran is largely driven by the adrenaline surge to build up his legacy before leaving office. Yet his administration has refused to take any meaningful steps to improve ties with Iran. What's worse, Washington continues to chastise Tehran on human rights records, and accuses it of sponsoring global terrorism.

With these jarring acts of finger-pointing and name-calling, it's natural for the Iranians to keep on piling up their distrust toward the Americans in all of their limited bilateral conduct, including the nuclear talks.

Nevertheless, Mr. Obama is no fool. He has his own logic to do so. On the one hand Authentic Gary Sanchez Jersey , the reason he is willing to take limited political chances to negotiate a deal with Iran is because Tehran has a moderate government that wants to end sanctions. It means far less troubles for Washington compared with a hard-line leadership.

On the other hand, the U.S. leader does not want to be seen as a president that seeks to betray the country's traditional allies in the Middle East, like Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of which see Iran as an arch foe.

Right now, the nuclear talks are at a decisive moment and require even bolder political courage and flexibility from the negotiating parties. If the negotiators still cannot produce enough substantial advancement at the following meetings, the hard-liners back in Iran and the United States would be emboldened while the talk of distrust would ramp up again Authentic Derek Jeter Jersey , leaving those willing to talk little room to compromise.

Should the multilateral talks crumble, there will be no winners. Tehran might have to deal with even harsher economic sanctions, while its moderate government could see its governing ability greatly hit.

As for the United States, if the talks fail, President Obama would have to kiss goodbye one of his major diplomatic legacies, and Washington may have to deal with a much more complicated security situation in the Middle East. Moreover Authentic Mariano Rivera Jersey , the international community could suffer a major setback in the integrity of global nuclear non-proliferation system.

If the Obama administration still wants to secure a final deal with Iran, it has to stop practicing its policy of eating the cake and having it too. It has to show the Iranians that it is sincere and honest in talking with it over the real issues concerning the nuclear deal, not another scheme to contain the Islamic Republic.

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