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Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning said Monday he has not yet decided whether he will retire following Super Bowl 50 and that he is strictly focused on winning his second NFL championship.

Manning's NFL plans are expected to be a common talking point in the lead-up to his fourth Super Bowl appearance on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers Bobby Orr Womens Jersey , but the 39-year-old future Hall of Famer said he is unsure.

""I haven't made my mind up and I don't see myself knowing that until after the season's over,"" Manning said during his session at Super Bowl 50 media night.

Manning Authentic Jake DeBrusk Jersey , one of the best quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen, has been plagued by -injury and questionable form this season and has seemed to have lost arm strength.

His younger brother Authentic Charlie McAvoy Jersey , two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning of the New York -Giants, said last week that if he retires he hopes Peyton can ""go out on top.""

Peyton himself was caught on camera after the American Football Conference Championship game telling opposing coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots that ""this might be my last rodeo.""

But Manning insists he is strictly fixed on the game.

""Not looking too far ahead Authentic Tim Schaller Jersey , not looking too far back has really helped me this season,"" he said. ""It's really served me well up to this point. I'm going to stick to that philosophy.

""I am excited about this week and looking forward to playing in this game. And I'm going to focus on that and deal with all of the other stuff after this.""

Manning was more forthcoming when asked about his Super Bowl counterpart Authentic Torey Krug Jersey , 26-year-old Cam Newton, who led all quarterbacks in the regular season with 45 touchdowns Authentic David Krejci Jersey , including 10 rushing scores.

""He's just had an incredible year. There's no doubt in my mind that he's going to be the [season's] MVP,"" said Manning Authentic Danton Heinen Jersey , the only player ever to win the league's top honor five times.

""What he's done in the short time being an NFL quarterback has been awesome, awesome.""

" They say that charity begins at home Authentic Zdeno Chara Jersey , but if you feel that there is a worthy cause that does not have any much needed help; why not look into giving them that help yourself? There are hundreds of charities in the world; you may already be donating your money to help some of them. It can sometimes be hard to work out how much of your own money is actually reaching those who are in need of it the most. Maybe if you were the one in charge of these details; you could ensure that the needy ones will get the help they deserve.

What Kind Of Charity?

Before you do anything; you should sit down and decide what it is you wish to do. You need to choose the beneficiaries and their category carefully. Will it be a religious type of charity or perhaps educational assistance is required by a group of people. These details are critical if you wish to establish a non-profit organization that is recognized by the Internal Revenue powers that be. You can also look into setting up a charity that actually pays taxes. These can benefit from a more centered financial allocation need. Non-profit organizations usually specialize in community services instead.

Who Will You Help?

When you decided to set this up; you probably had a mission in mind. You should detail the exact steps you wish to take; it will help you to realize the difficult task that lays ahead. You should contact the people in need and let them know your wishes. Almost every beneficiary will be more than happy to accept your help; they can also assist you in the smaller details of your quest.


Even a small scale charity will need assistance from other sources. Try and gather a trusted group of volunteers together. They should have the same concerns as you, but ensure that they understand and appreciate the whole mission statement.

Articles Of Incorporation

This is required by law if you are setting up any kind of charitable organization. It should include the name and purpose of your charity; check with other charities if you are unsure of the details required.

Other Legalities

To be legal in this field you will need to set up the following requirements also:

• File an application packet as a non-profit organization – check for more details.
• Write the bylaws for your charity – templates are available online.
• Register your charity with the Inland Revenue office – again templates can be found online.
• Obtain an Employee Identification number from the Inland Revenue – this is required for the tax issues every company faces each year.
• Appoint a board of directors and a registered agent – these are required for official communication with the government officers.

Spread The Word!

That covers all of the legal requirements that you need to follow. You should now began to let everybody know about your charity and the good cause you are trying to help. You can do this by advertising in the paper and also by holding an introductory meeting of potential members and sponsors – Good Luck!

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