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Beijing has 12 Cheap Toronto Maple Leafs Jerseys ,217 underground civil air defense facilities as of 2013

Qianmen area is home to one of Beijing's biggest and longest section of civil air defense tunnels

Many of these old underground fortifications still have revolutionary slogans and pictures of Chairman Mao on their walls

A section of Beijing's civil air defense tunnels in the Qianmen area. Photo: CFP

Beijing is building an extensive, complicated network of underground metro routes to accommodate the growing demand for cheap, convenient travel between the city center and its outlying suburbs.

However, few people know that there is an even bigger, more intricate parallel underground world beneath the city, its civil air defense tunnels.

First built in the 1950s, this labyrinth of tunnels is a result of the deteriorating relationship between China and the former Soviet Union during the Cold War Cheap Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseys , and they were designed to offer shelter for the capital's residents in the case of sudden air attacks or even nuclear strikes from the country's former socialist big brother.

China, at that time, had weak air forces compared with the Soviet Union, and therefore was afraid of being unable to defend itself from an attack. Under such conditions, building underground tunnels in major cities was seen as the best solution for the country.

In December 1972, under Chairman Mao's slogan "Dig deep tunnels, store enough food and never seek hegemony Cheap St. Louis Blues Jerseys ," the number of civil air defense tunnels in China rocketed.

The same year, China decided to spend 600 million yuan - a gigantic amount at that time - annually on building these underground cities, with 400 million yuan covered by the central government, and the other 200 million yuan mainly coming from the local government and enterprises.

Ordinary people were asked to join in building these vast defense works, and due to the huge demand for hands, even primary students joined the army of diggers.

Decades later, some underground tunnels have been turned into businesses Cheap San Jose Sharks Jerseys , or even rented out as homes, while many more have become dilapidated warrens enjoyed by those seeking out the city's forgotten depths.

The slogan "People's war" written in Mao Zedong's handwriting is seen on the wall of an air defense tunnel. Photo: CFP

Memories of childhood

Dashilar, an ancient commercial street adjacent to the Qianmen area just south of Tiananmen Square, is home to the biggest and longest section of underground civil air defense tunnels in Beijing.

Located 8 meters beneath the ground, the civil air defense fortification connects Wangfujing and Tiananmen. In addition to its 70 water sources, it also has 2,300 ventilators and even an underground hospital Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys , movie theater and barbershops. It's exactly true to its name, the Underground City of Beijing.

However, these mysterious underground structures were not just military fortifications but were also a playground for many people born in 1960s.

A Beijing local surnamed Feng, born in 1963, often thinks back to her memories of playing in these bunkers when she was a child.

"Because these tunnels are deep beneath the ground, they are very cool inside especially during the summertime," Feng told the Global Times.

"At that time Cheap Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys , it was rare for families to have air-conditioners, so kids loved playing in them to escape the summer heat," she continues.

"One time we got lost after entering an underground tunnel, our teachers and parents were very worried and searched for us for a couple of hours, and then we were forbidden to play in these air defense works," Feng explained.

A worker dismantles a makeshift wall built inside the air defense tunnel that was used as illegal makeshift rental housing in Beijing. Photo: CFP

Paradise of urban exploration

After the threat of bombing passed and people stopped visiting or maintaining them, most of the tunnels became derelict and virtually forgotten.

Though they have fallen out of the mainstream public consciousness Cheap Ottawa Senators Jerseys , these dark underground fortifications have become a paradise for urban explorers.

Hui, 37, is a self-employed resident of Beijing. He is the organizer behind the Chi Hou urban exploration team, who mainly explore these "red ruins."

According to Hui, he has been thinking about visiting this underground world since he was a primary school student. He said that despite thinking that these dingy underground passageways are depressing, they always aroused great interest in him.

"We mainly visit old civil air defense tunnels outside Beijing, because the old ones in Beijing have been rebuilt or demolished Cheap New York Rangers Jerseys , many big enterprises have their own underground bunkers that are not open for public visits," Hui told the Global Times.

Many of them were built deep in the mountains which ring Beijing and most of them are hard to find, Hui said, explaining the team usually collects information about their location on the Internet before preparing equipment and communication methods.

Though they work as a team, exploring these dilapidated underground mazes is sometimes very dangerous. Once, while exploring a military fortification, they almost fell off a 20-meter-high cliff hidden in the darkness Cheap New York Islanders Jerseys , and they also met spooky skeletons and preserved organs in an abandoned underground hospital.

Hui told the Global Times that the team's members are carefully selected and they use highly specialized equipment to secure their safety.

He recalled that the most impressive place he has explored was an underground radio station frozen in time where all the equipment, such as its microphones and tapes, were well-preserved and the production date of the machines was still easily readable.

Many underground fortifications Hui visited are like time capsules, with slogans on the walls en Tips On How To How To Join The ac. Cheap Soccer Hoodies China Cheap NHL Shirts China Cheap NBA Hoodies China Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Soccer Shirts Free Shipping Cheap NFL Hoodies Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Hoodies Wholesale Hats Wholesale NCAA Shirts
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Come monsoon season and everybody has to rake their brains as to what to put on and step out of the house. Be it clothes or footwear- everyone has to compromise in terms of dressing up not according to what looks best on them but as per the showers allow them.

Rainy season is not a good time for the fashion enthusiasts as it dampens their spirits of donning their best outfits and footwear. Footwear Cheap Russell Okung Jersey , especially, is taken much care of. It?s very essential as the right kind of footwear helps us to tread through those frustrating potholes and muddy puddles. Here are some apt must-have footwear?s which will help you through this dreaded season:

If you are sporting a knee-length skirt or a Capri then you can opt for flip-flops or flats provided that it is raining moderately otherwise your legs will be beautified with mud stains.

If you are planning to go traditional by wearing a saree or churidar then slip into sandals and make sure they have an ankle strap to keep them firmly fitted to your feet.

Fashion lovers can go for slip-resistant sandals with heels but of not more than 2 inches with ankle straps to walk comfortably on slippery and uneven roads. Aside from the ever-popular ballet flats, Crocs has introduced several new models that even fashion-savvy girls will love, so you don?t have to squirm every time someone looks at your feet when you?re wearing them

Option for men could be knee- high gumboots, sport sandals.

Shoes such as sports and canvas are a strict no-no for this season as there are chances of bacterial growth due to the moisture in the climate.

Do not wear much of leather footwear as they too have the tendency of sheltering bacteria and fungus. If it is necessary to wear leather footwear during rainy season Cheap Rayshawn Jenkins Jersey , feet should not be slipped in and out of the shoes directly, and must be opened only by the laces. Socks are a must; even if they get wet as they act as a barrier between the skin and the leather

If possible, shell out a few more bucks and buy branded footwear such as Puma, Reebok, Nike Cheap Dan Feeney Jersey , Adidas, Liberty which will not slip from your feet and are designed to endure such harsh

Even if it brings along infuriating moments with it, rainy season, on the other hand, is also the time when you are at the peak of emotions. If taken optimistically Cheap Forrest Lamp Jersey , one can thoroughly enjoy this pleasant weather by following a few guidelines as above and celebrate monsoons without any compromises. So, wipe out all those apprehensions from your minds, step out
and enjoy the showers!!

Source : http:www.fashionmoksh

Do you feel embarrassed in the public because of your damaged or decayed tooth? For many people, teeth problems result in losing their smiles with time. To save such people from humiliation and give back their lost smiles, dentists Mission Viejo are offering advanced dental procedures using state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Mission Viejo dentists are specialized in dealing with all kinds of dental problems of both adults and children. You can consult any reputed dentist of the area to discuss your case. Getting an appointment is easy. You can directly visit the clinic’s website to fill up an appointment form or else directly call at the number mentioned on the site. Dentists Mission Viejo offers preventive Cheap Mike Williams Jersey , restorative, and cosmetic procedures to solve your teeth-related problem.

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•Restorative Measures – It includes placing dental crowns, veneers, braces, root canals, bridges Cheap Keenan Allen Jersey , and more.

•Cosmetic Procedures – Teeth whitening, teeth shaping, filling up gaps between teeth, contouring, etc.

Reputed dental surgeons of Mission Viejo in Orange County Cheap Antonio Gates Jersey , California sit with the patient and family to know the medical history, cause of the tooth problem, etc. After properly understanding the problems and analyzing the patient’s health condition, the surgeon decides the date of the surgery. However, for simple tooth problems such as teeth whitening or teeth shaping Cheap Melvin Gordon Jersey , surgeries are not recommended.

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It is one of the most common procedures of teeth whitening. Bleaching is a chemical process used to remove stains from a tooth or make it appear whiter than before. Intake of an excessive amount of tea or coffee as well as smoking cigarettes makes our teeth discolored. However, children can also develop dirty tooth hereditarily. In such cases, you need to visit one of the well-known dentists Mission Viejo for an effective treatment. The dentist will mix the right amount of bleaching solution to clean your teeth in just an . Cheap Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Replica NBA Jerseys Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys Cheap Replica MLB Jerseys Cheap Authentic College Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping
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Nowadays Wholesale Chicago Bulls Jerseys , the workload is so much, that maintaining our health itself becomes an additional task in our day to day life. A determining factor of the health is your work conditions. If your job profile includes sitting at one place continuously then it has an effect on your health. Then this task of maintaining our health becomes even more difficult. But there is one simple solution for this that will at least help you maintain your digestion.

Drink lots of water! Simple, right? You may have to go out for several meetings or you have to sit at one place. Just carry a bottle of filtered water wherever you are. Be it sunny or windy, water will always help you.

A study says that a person must drink at least two to three liters of water every day. And maximum time we are in our workplace. Because of stress Wholesale Charlotte Hornets Jerseys , we don’t even have time to think about the needs of our body. So, keep a bottle on your desk so that it will remind you of drinking it or at least make you feel thirsty.

This is also a responsibility of the organization to provide pure water and if it’s summer, provide with chilled and filtered water. So, the best way would be to install water coolers or filters at the company. Remember Wholesale Brooklyn Nets Jerseys , it is directly related to the health of workers. Even if they bring bottles from home, it won’t be enough for a whole day. Water is a basic need for any human being. If there is no proper water supply at the office, employees will end up drinking less amount of water than what they actually need. Providing them with a water tap is not enough, water that runs through the taps not necessarily be pure. That is the reason of increasing demand of water filters and purifiers. There are filters at home Wholesale Boston Celtics Jerseys , then why should a workplace be an exception. There are various benefits of pure water.

Why Use Water Filters or Purifiers?

As mentioned above it is directly related to the health of your employee. If he is not healthy, your company will fall sick. Studies suggest that any kind of fluid helps to cope up with mental tasks. Water is the best fluid without any calories and fats. Over drinking of water is never a drawback in fact, it flushes out all the toxins in the body. If an organization really cares for employee’s health, install one at break-rooms itself. It will be complimentary with the food that you serve.

This is a confirm way of saving the water. It might happen that employees would leave the taps running while talking with their colleagues. Or just forget to shut down the tap. This will cause huge water loss. But the filters and coolers Wholesale Atlanta Hawks Jerseys , would take the water according to their capacity. Water wastage won’t be an issue. Unintentionally, the company and employees would save water.

You won’t believe, but water coolers also enhances the work environment. If your employees are fit, they will enjoy their work and it will lead to more productivity.

Purchase Water Coolers and Filters Online

We all are in the rush of meeting deadlines and have less time to pay attention to shopping for office supplies. Break rooms office supplies are neglected even more. We have no time to go to the electronics shop and purchase these items. Rather Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys , it is preferable to buy it online. It saves time, money and efforts too. Why efforts? That’s because most of the online office supplier provides free shipping too. By comparing the prices online you can opt for cheap office supplies that will suit your budget. But at the same time don’t compromise with the quality.

So, don’t think twice before purchasing. It will be a big compromise with the health of the employees. Moreover, provide the best quality of water cooler also encourage them to drink enough water.
Japan on Monday marked three years before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games with celebrations and fanfare - even as organizers struggle to contain soaring costs and restore credibility.

Japanese celebrities and athletes dressed in bright kimonos gathered for the launch of a remake of a popular 1964 Tokyo Games song Wholesale Basketball Jerseys , as organizers promised to turn the 2020 Games into the biggest "natsu matsuri" (summer festival) ever.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, clad in a white traditional Japanese "happi" coat, attended a flag ceremony at the city hall.

"We have only three years left," Koike said at the evening event at which cutting-edge projection mapping illustrating Tokyo was shown.

"I hope to lead the Olympic Games to success with all of you Wholesale Nike NBA Jerseys ," she told the audience.

The International Olympic Committee, fearful that ballooning budgets could see future Olympic bids dry up, last month praised local organizers for slashing costs.

Koike last year ordered a review of the budget which recommended revised plans to reduce costs projected to rise to more than $25 billion - four times the initial estimates when Tokyo won the 2020 hosting rights.

Tokyo organizers have since slashed costs to around $13 billion but have otherwise largely failed to inspire confidence since the city beat Madrid and Istanbul in its bid to host the Games for a second time.

Progress on the financial front comes after a rocky start when the initial rollout of the centerpiece Olympic stadium was bungled, forcing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2015 to tear up the blueprints amid public anger over its price tag. A new and cheaper plan was unveiled later that year.

More embarrassment followed when the original Games logo was scrapped following allegations of plagiarism.

But the focus on Monday was on building up enthusiasm for Tokyo's hosting of the Games.

Other events held across -Japan included a 1 Wholesale Authentic NBA Jerseys ,000--kilometer running and cycling relay from the northern prefecture of Aomori to Tokyo.

The route took in areas hit by the deadly 2011 tsunami and the. Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap Hoddies Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap College Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Hoddies Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Cheap NFL T-shirts Cheap Baseball Jerseys Cheap T-shirts China
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Mr. Bittlekirk is Cheap Dion Sims Jersey , for the most part, your average, agreeable guy. He likes football, baseball and fast food. His physically demanding job keeps him in good shape as his handshake and physique implied. Rugged face and stature, Mr. Bittlekirk was outwardly personable but I detected a serious edge about him too. Over coffee and a sweet-roll we talked about our upcoming session.

I like to gather information about my student before guns are loaded and targets fly. I inquired about goals Cheap Quintin Demps Jersey , priorities, targets shot per month and problem areas, all to better understand who Mr. Bittlekirk was and where we were going.

His questions were insightful and showed forethought coming into his lesson. He?d studied under a good teacher who, he felt, had taken him as far as he could. He was here to learn Cheap Kendall Wright Jersey , understood there was no magic involved and that progress would come only after some work and possibly change. We were off to a good start.

A strong intermediate shooter, Mr. Bittlekirk was straightforward in his approach to shooting. There were a few surprises for Mr. Bittlekirk along the way and that?s what gave me the idea to write this piece. I?d like to share with you some of the dialogue, questions and answers as we moved forward and through his time with me. As with most men, it isn?t just about shooting methods. It always goes a little deeper than that and I don?t mean that to be derogatory. It?s just that our gender brings certain ideas and beliefs to the table. Which brings us to his first comment as he took his gun out of the slip.

?Dan, I really don?t like to miss.?

?Why?s that??

?Because I get frustrated easily after a miss and everything seems to go down hill from there.?

I didn?t wince when I heard it but knew that I would be devoting some of our time to sorting this out.

It didn?t take long for a teaching opportunity to present itself. The target didn?t look all that difficult and actually wasn?t. But it had a trick in it he didn?t spot right away and the target curled away Cheap Mike Glennon Jersey , under his shotstring every time. Four times to be exact. Before answering his question about where he was missing, I asked him to take a few seconds to consider why. We?d already discussed the solution on the previous field. Discouraged, he shrugged his shoulders. I again suggested the small adjustment to the upcoming shot. Closed to suggestions and bent on the unpleasantness I knew was coming, he wasn?t listening. After all, he was frustrated.

?The target?s not that hard Dan. I know I can break it!?

Mr. Bittlekirk was visibly determined. Arms and forehead knotted up Cheap Eddie Goldman Jersey , three more shots went astray.

I called a time out and asked politely, ?What is our objective here??

Looking at me like I was an alien he said, ?To break the target.? Now I?m used to that answer and waited for the right moment.

?The objective here is to use good form.? Tired from struggling, he thought about that and nodded. Once more, I suggested the small adjustment in his swing. X. X. X. All was well in his world again. But I also knew this was only until next time Cheap Kevin White Jersey , which would likely be soon. So, to reinforce our objective I shared with him that breaking targets is very seductive. It?s completely natural and downright logical to believe that because we did break the target, what we?re doing must be right. This isn?t always the case as evidenced by our misses, caused by the inconsistencies in our game. Until we can expose and account for those inconsistencies we?re doomed to repeat them. That?s where performance plateaus come from. I reminded him that this wasn?t a criticism, just a truth we eventually have to confront if we?re serious about improvement.

This Sporting Clays Article was previously published in Sporting Clays Magazine by Dan Schindler January 2005. This article Cheap Cody Whitehair Jersey , in it's entirety is available online in our collection of articles available for download (www.paragonschool)

Sporting clays continues to be an elegant sport born of long tradition, fulfilling our wingshooting passion to experience the wing and shot. Feather and clay, inescapably tied, grants us so many learning opportunities to hone our skills, a path of personal growth that affords us a refreshing Cheap Leonard Floyd Jersey , unbiased look at ourselves. Time and again, my students have learned how entirely more capable they are than once thought. The American sporting clays shooter can honestly and proudly say, in a very short period, he has indeed advanced to take his rightful place among the best in the world. And, let?s not forget Cheap Eddie Jackson Jersey , no one is having more fun out here than you and I are.

The events, times, places and persons in my articles are all true. While I changed a name here and there, 100% of the information came from my experiences with you. Each tournament, each lesson Cheap Tarik Cohen Jersey , each experience with you generated the material for my work. I am grateful.

The Paragon School of Sporting is now making available the remainder of this article as well as numerous others, available for download on The Paragon School of Sporting Website (www.paragonschool)

We hope you enjoyed the first part of the article and will visit us online to browse the numerous collection that is available. Until then, happy Sporting!
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