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Image provided by the Presidency of Colombia shows Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (2nd L) posing with soldiers during the ceremony marking the handover of the last container of weapons of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) at the Pondores Transitional Point in the department of La Guajira Air Jordan 11 For Sale Mens , Colombia, on Aug. 15, 2017. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos witnessed on Tuesday the departure of the last container of FARC weapons in the north of the country. (XinhuaNelson CardenasPresidency of Colombia)

BOGOTA, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Tuesday oversaw the final withdrawal of weapons handed over by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels.

At a ceremony in the rural outskirts of Fonseca, a town in the northern province of Guajira, Santos said the shipment marked "the last breath of the conflict" between the rebels and government forces Air Jordan 1 For Sale Mens , which had lasted 53 years.

"With this disarmament, with (the withdrawal) of the last containers, the conflict truly ends and a new phase begins in the life of our nation," Santos said.

The president was accompanied by the head of the United Nations mission in Colombia, Jean Arnault, as well as FARC representatives.

"Eight months after signing a (peace) agreement Air Jordan For Sale Mens , we are witnessing the conclusion of the disarmament," Santos said, adding that the process was carried out in a "record time."

Arnault confirmed that the FARC had been completely disarmed. The UN mission has withdrawn 8,112 pieces of weapons and nearly 1.3 million cartridges of ammunition from the rebels and then incinerated them.

The operation also involved extracting thousands of other weapons and munitions from FARC camps and hideouts, including more than 22 tons of explosives, 1 Jordan 13 For Sale Mens ,846 antipersonnel mines and 3,957 hand grenades.

Arnault echoed Santos' words, saying the "exhaustive process" of disarming the rebels marked a new era.

"We are going to be able to develop zones that were never developed," Santos said, referring to former rebel-held territories.

The end of the conflict also means "the economy is going to begin to grow again," he added.

As part of the peace agreement signed by Santos and FARC leader Rodrigo Londono Jordan 9 For Sale Mens , known as Timochenko, in November 2016, the government has pledged to invest in the country's agricultural sector and carry out land reforms.

The rebels vowed to renounce armed conflicts and pursue political change at polls.

To allay the fears of Colombia's more conservative sectors, who favored continuing to fight the FARC militarily, Santos said: "The government is absolutely committed to spreading security to the (former rebel-held) zones."

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By John Kwoba

NAIROBI, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's Olympic 800m Champion David Rudisha will not rush back into competition until his knee injury Jordan 11 For Sale Mens , which has kept him out for six months now, is completely healed.

Speaking in Eldoret, Rudisha, who has already started light training, confirmed that he will not be returning to Australia, where he has made a norm to start his season Jordan 1 For Sale Mens , but instead will remain at home to see how the knee injury responds to different reactions and trainings.

"I will not be going to Australia. It has been where I have always started my season, a place where I intensified my training and tested the body in competition."

"But I have been out of competition since June when I pulled my muscles and got a knee injury in New York while training. It means I have to take it slowly, one day at a time and see how it will react," Rudisha said on Wednesday.

During the six-month period that he has been out, Rudisha has had time to rest with the family and support his wife with taking care of their daughter as she goes on with her studies at Moi University in Eldoret.

"Maybe we will have another child in 2014. That is certainly in the pipeline now that she is clearing her studies. But I have also to work hard to get my body back to form ahead of the next season," said Rudisha.

The World Record holder (1:40.09) said he has had shuttle trips to Australia Jordan Shoes For Sale Mens , Germany and back home in his rehabilitation programme and is happy it has ended well and he can train without much pain.

However, he said it is still a delicate issue that must be handled carefully as he pushes his body back to its top form that saw him break the world record three times and post the best ever times in the two-lap distance.

Rudisha said that with Australia meetings -- in Melbourne, where he runs 400m and Sydney (800m) -- out of his programme, he is looking at Doha Diamond league in May as the first serious competitive event for him.

"I want to give myself enough time to heal, to pick up the momentum and see that I run at my optimum best. I still have a long way to go and with time and good care, I am certain to get there Air Jordan 13 Retro For Sale ," he said.

In Rudisha's absence, Ethiopia' s Aman Mohammed, the only man to have beaten Rudisha twice, of course after the season conclusion, stamped his authority to win the World Championships in Moscow, to add to his gold medal at the World Indoor and bronze at the World Junior.

But that will not be prompting Rudisha to try his feet on the indoor circuit.

"I have no plans to run in the indoor races. The focus is to run outdoor and Doha looks a good bet Air Jordan 9 Retro For Sale , I will be in my best form and able to show my fans what I really can do. I miss running, it is my life, my career and my hobby," he said..
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There are a number of bodybuilders and sportsmen who decide for this approach to be able to obtainsteroids information without coming into the focus of people. One can also buy steroids as it is usually used to boost the testosterone levels inside the system. So, one can examine the above factors if you want to acquire some helpful info related to steroids information.

Free Cell Phone Spy

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At the other conclusion of the spectrum there is a cell spy that costs $349 for one year of spying even though less of the basic cell spy features in comparison to the $10 spy. So YES cell phone spy software works BUT there are versions that work OK and cost a significant amount of and ones that work fantastic that will be incredibly inexpensive.

So before you invest a single penny within a mobile spy program have a visit to a reliable and honest mobile surveillance program review site to make sure you learn which mobile spy program are great at a good price. Why spend $349 after you could perhaps spend simply $10?
Once you’ve overcome the moral objections to a question like ‘How can i spy on my boyfriend’s cell phone’, you will find that web site of cell phone spying software available that you could potentially use to execute such a task. Along with the moral quandary, you will ought to check the local legal guidelines in your region to make sure that you are not infringing on anybody’s civil liberties.

That increasingly being said Cheap Adidas NMD R1 STLT Trace Olive Black , cell phone tapping together with spying software is legal to own, and in some circumstances, i. e. if you possess the target phone, there is no legal problem with using such spyware apps to monitor mobile use.

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The kind of features that we are talking about allow me to share the ability so as to see all calls made to and from the mobile, including who the calls were from in order to (it will list the number if the number is not associated with a name in the contact list) along with the time and duration of the calls. If you are spying on the boyfriend because he keeps receiving sms or calls from a few secret person, you could then use an online mobile reversal service to trace the guilty party.

As well as enable you to monitor all calls Cheap Adidas NMD R1 Mesh White , just about the most powerful features of such a software is the ability to read sms text emails, both inward and outward bound in the phone, even if they can be instantly deleted. This kind of capacity spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone will put you have the ability of knowing any hidden truths that he has been keep.
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