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Hitting the ball off the golf tee is one of the most important shots in the game. If you want to improve your distance while maintaining steady control Mason Rudolph Steelers Jersey , the following golf driving techniques are for you.

Most golfers are continually seeking improvment in both their distance and accuracy of their tee shots, this is no surprise. It makes sense that the further you can shoot the ball (while remaining accurate), the better the chances of achieving a birdie or even an eagle are. Basically, the better your striking accuracy is, the straighter the ball will go. This will shorten the number of hooksslices you do.

You will need to master both distancy and accuracy combined to drastically reduce your score.

To be able to master both distance and accuracy you will need to perfect your stance and setup. Always address the tee with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees flexed.

The address must be approached with a square stance Javon Hargrave Steelers Jersey , this is one of the simplest but most effective driving tips. You will need to ensure that both your feet are lined up with the target. Although a square stance must always be used, you may find that in some situations you will want to slightly open or close the stance, this is fine, as long as you do so by adjusting the forward foot up or back. Your hips and shoulders have to follow the same rule and remain square to the target. Maintaining this square stance will see you having fantastic outcomes in no time.

Basically, the faster you can get the club head moving Sean Davis Steelers Jersey , the better distance you will hit the ball, this appears easy in theory. While keeping your knees flexed, you should make sure that you can fully coil and uncoild your body. Standing too tall and straight will decrease your ability to gain potential distance.

You must be aware that you have a problem when you are slicing or hooking the ball a lot. This is commonly due to the fact that your grip is off. You may be hitting the ball with an open or closed club face if your grip is too tight or too loose. You can help keep your club face square on impact merely by using a neutral grip while hitting off the tee, this will ensure that your shot is accurate and on-target.

While setting up, remember to play the ball forward. This means that in your correct stance Artie Burns Steelers Jersey , the ball should be closer to your leading foot, not in the center. Your shots will sail high and accurate with this small adjustment.

One of the most overlooked golf driving techniques I come across is to do with the backswing, a lot of beginners tend to use their arms and hands to lead the backswing, always ensure that your hips are leading. Doing this proper hip turn throughout the swing is a very important aspect of gaining much needed distance. This is because as your hips initiate the turn, the hands Joshua Dobbs Steelers Jersey , arms, head, and upper body will follow.

An enormously vital part of your swing is the part between the backswing and the downswing. You should ensure that after your as you start your downswing, your hips do the work by leading the way. Once this technique has been perfected, you will definately notice a monumental improvement with your distance.

One of the more well known techniques to improving your accuracy is to make sure the club head is followed by the hands through the strike. By doing this you will easily be able to strike the ball with a perfectly square club face James Conner Steelers Jersey , thus increasing your accuracy and reducing the chances of slicing or hooking the ball.

In conclusion to our golf driving techniques, you might want to take a crack at with a newer 460cc driver. The club head on these drivers are the primary reason why they are the heaviest available drivers. This can help with gaining more distance but you must be aware that without proper practice, these clubs can be tough to master the accuracy. These clubs can take time and work to perfect.
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This article proudly brought to you by Golf Driving Techniques. - Remember, you must apply all these tips to real-world practice to get your desired results. Good Luck and Happy Golfing.

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MADRID, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Real Madrid struck the first blow of the season against traditional rivals FC Barcelona when they defeated the Catalans 3-1 in the Camp Nou Stadium in the first leg of the Spanish Supercup.

Madrid were able to seal the win on the break despite having Cristiano Ronaldo sent off for two absurd yellow cards after he had come on as a second half substitute and scored his side's second goal.

Barcelona started with Gerard Deulofeu in a nominal 4-3-3 formation Cameron Sutton Steelers Jersey , but with Leo Messi dropping deep to receive in midfield, while Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema led the Madrid attack in a 4-4-2 formation with Ronaldo waiting his turn on the bench.

Both sides showed from the start they were looking to pressure their rivals off the ball and the opening minutes saw too many errors.

The first chance fell to Luis Suarez, who fired directly at Madrid keeper, Keylor Navas, while Messi curled a free kick over the crossbar.

A nice combination ended with Messi just being crowed out in the Madrid area JuJu Smith-Schuster Steelers Jersey , while at the other end, good work from Isco ended with Bale seeing Ter Stegen tip a shot over the bar.

Meanwhile the typical derby tension was visible with Casemiro, shown a yellow card for a bad foul on Messi and he was followed into the book by Gerard Pique, Dani Carvajal, Bale and Messi himself.

Madrid took the lead four minutes after the break when Marcelo was allowed to overlap on the left and his cross was sliced into his own net by Pique when Ter Stegen would probably have claimed the ball with few problems.

Barca came close to equalizing soon afterwards when Messi was unable to finish Deulofeu's low ball into the Madrid area T. J. Watt Steelers Jersey , while at the other. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Replica NBA Jerseys Cheap Basketball Jerseys Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys Cheap NCAA College Jerseys Cheap Nike College Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys
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Leon Jay Williams Photo: Courtesy of Yi Ning
Since hit movie So Young started China's youth movie trend Ravens Mark Andrews Jersey , numerous movies in this genre have graced cinema screens in the country. Although the newest film by young director Zheng Laizhi, To Love, is still in production and has yet to receive a release date, the film's romantic story line is set to make it one of the newest entrants to this genre.

Starring a young cast including Li Fei'er, Huang Ming and Leon Jay Williams Ravens Hayden Hurst Jersey , the movie tells the story of a couple who dated for a marathon-like seven years, but failed to get married. Following the two after they break up and start new romances, the film is based on the director's own experiences during college.

"During that time, romance is more pure, but after leaving university Black Maxx Williams Jersey , love gets bogged down with many material things like house and cars," said Zheng.

"This film looks to tell people that you can still fight for love and money while living in big cities like Beijing."

Like many people in reality, the main character is faced with a choice between her boyfriend of seven years and a charmingly irresistible rich man.

"You won't know her decision until you watch the movie," said the director.

In recent years the NFL has had pressure to conduct experiments to find out the long-term effects of concussions. In the past few weeks the NFL announced that it would finally support research to find out what these effects might be, and finally admitted that there may be some serious consequences to these concussions.

There have been many players through the years that have received some serious concussions during their years in the league. One player Black Ronnie Stanley Jersey , Ted Johnson, who played for the Patriots, knows that he has received damage from concussions and doesn't think he needs anyone to tell him anything else. He received multiple hits throughout his career that have caused significant emotional problems and memory loss. He is one of the more serious cases, and had no problem venting his frustrations with the league.

The NFL has agreed to donate almost $1 million to the research that will be done for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University. This group has already done research on brain damage that was associated with the brains of dead football players. They have examined over 110 brains and ask that other players be willing to give their brains to science once they have passed.

These results have largely been dismissed by the NFL, but recently they are taking steps to try and make the sport safer. One thing the league has done is that they have revamped their policies on concussion management. Players that have had a concussion must now be cleared by brain experts that are not affiliated with the team in order to practice or play. If there is any sign of concussion or side effects of it Black Marlon Humphrey Jersey , the player will not be cleared.

Experts on the subject have said that it is obvious that repeated blows to the head can result in long-term brain damage. One side effect of this that has been seen in many football players, is that of dementia. This and other claims have pushed the NFL to take this matter more seriously and finally get to the point where they are willing to help support a study. The actual amount of money that is being donated is still unknown. $1 million is only a guess but it could be more or less.

This is good news for football players, and fans as well. Players can feel safer, knowing that the league will soon be fully aware of the consequences of cheap hits and head shots. Fans can feel better about knowing that their favorite players will be able to play at their full potential for years to come, and enjoy their lives with their families once their careers are over.

By Callum Godde

MELBOURNE Black Mark Andrews Jersey , July 29 (Xinhua) -- Australian racing is coming to grips with its biggest crisis since the outbreak of equine influenza in 2007 brought the industry to an abrupt halt.

The crisis revolves around the use by Australian trainers of the performance-enhancing drug, cobalt, a trace element which apparently allows horses to run faster.

And, on Wednesday at Racing Victoria headquarters in Melbourne, the cobalt saga will come to a head when five leading trainers - including Peter Moody Black Hayden Hurst Jersey , the man who led unbeaten mare, Black Caviar, to worldwide fame - face stewards in an open hearing to "show cause" why they should not hand their licences in forthwith, even though the charges of administering cobalt will not be heard for some time.

Racing authorities in Australia have set a threshold for cobalt at 200 micrograms per liter (mcgL) of a horse' s urine. Any reading higher than that is considered by stewards to be effectively performance enhancing.

Even at 200 mcgL, Australia' s threshold is considered lenient Maxx Williams Jersey , being twice the internationally recommended maximum.

Similarly to the influenza outbreak, which at its worst infected 47,000 horses in New South Wales alone, the cobalt saga has thrown Australian racing's showcase season into chaos.

The five leading Melbourne-based trainers are perilously close to being stood down, little more than a month before the beginning of the world-renowned Spring Carnival.

Moody Ronnie Stanley Jersey , Danny O' Brien, Mark Kavanagh and Lee and Shannon Hope are all required to show cause to Racing Victoria (RV) stewards on Wednesday, in an open hearing at RV headquarters.

Moody is the most high profile of the accused, but Kavanagh and O' Brien have prepared horses that have won some of Australian racing' s greatest prizes, including a swag of Group 1 successes.

Horses of the five trainers returned cobalt readings between 200 and 640 mcgL - up to three times the legal limit.

But it' s not just this group - the "Cobalt Five" Marlon Humphrey Jersey , as they' ve become known - that has made the headlines. Other developments in. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Youth Jerseys Cheap Youth Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Online Cheap Kids NFL Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale MLB Jerseys China Wholesale Soccer Shirts Free Shipping Wholesale NHL Hats Wholesale NBA Hats
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