Isco a major doubt for Bayern Munich return leg

Isco a major doubt for Bayern Munich return leg

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Zinedine Zidane put his trust in Isco for Real Madrid's trip to 3mbet Bayern Munich but the Spaniard could only last 45 minutes and is now set to miss the second leg of the Champions League semi-final.As the team left Allianz Arena, Isco remarked to reporters that he had likely suffered a shoulder 'sprain' in the first half of the 2-1 win.With tests yet to determine the exact nature of the midfielder's injury, suspected to be a Grade II sprain, 3mbet it is nonetheless very unlikely that he will be able to participate on Tuesday given the painful nature of the problem.Thus Madrid may be about to lose another key man for the return game against Munich after Dani Carvajal was himself ruled out due to a hamstring injury. 3mbet
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