After stirring JS1000 concrete mixer need to clean up finish

After stirring JS1000 concrete mixer need to clean up finish

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After stirring JS1000 concrete mixer need to clean up finished concrete curing
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1, turn on the water stirred tank and machine washing remove surface dust and buildup of concrete, regular cleaning muffler.
    2, turn off the power and lock the electrical box.
    3, the remaining water to drain the cold season water supply systems should be within the net.
    4, twice each weekday pulled concentrated oil pump,the shaft seal oil, and to open large gear oiling (summer: HJ40; Winter: HJ30) or coated ZN-3 grease. Fill each cup to the weekly oil piston Tu ZG-3 grease; biweekly Unscrew the upper cylinder pipe joints, to inject a little HJ20 the cylinder lubricating oil; monthly check gearbox oil level and oil quality, and supplemenportable ready mix concrete batching plant hzs60t and replace; every six months to slide within the cylinder parts of Canada painted ZG-3 grease.
    5, always check the blade is loose, adjust the gap blade and liner, the maximum gap: 6mm.
    6, regularly check the blade, liner wear, and replace as appropriate.
    7, regular inspection gear off, adjust the tightness of the belt to avoid slipping wear.
    8, JS1000 concrete mixer overhaul period is 4000h.
Concrete mixers in the mixing process what needs attention
(1) Before the new machine should be in accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixer instructions for use of the systems and components necessary itemized inspection and commissioning. Empty running, check the direction of rotation of the mixing tube or stirring the leaves, the operation of the working device, brake, confirmed normal before operation.
    (2) stationary concrete mixer, should be installed on a solid pedestal. When long-term use, should anchor bolts embedded; if short-term use, laying sleepers and looking at flat stable base.
    (3) The mobile concrete mixer, should be installed on a flat hard wood or aerodromes with square brackets stand firm and keep the tire from the horizontal force. If you use more than three months or more, remove the tire should keep the axle ends should be prepared to clean the rust prevention work.
Compulsory concrete mixer concrete residue inside cleaning method
Compulsory concrete mixer concrete residue mainland, you can start with stone mill about. A concrete mixer capacity measure a certain number of stones, turn for a while, so that some relatively low strength concrete to wear down quickly. Then into the solder iron, steel hammer to clean. Pay attention to clean up the time, the general day Qing Qing once or once per shift. Up strength after a long time is very strenuous. Concrete mixers concrete residual field only with a hammer, brochettes or spatula to slowly get up. Cleanup concrete mixer is a meticulous work, only enough patience to keep clean concrete mixer.
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