Pique explains his role in Griezmann's Atletico Madrid renew

Pique explains his role in Griezmann's Atletico Madrid renew

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Fresh off the back of criticism following his involvement in a documentary tracking Antoine Griezmann's decision to reject Barcelona and stay with Atletico Madrid, ลิ้ ง sbo Gerard Pique defended his actions.Pique's business produced the 30-minute documentary, which ended with Griezmann opting to remain at Atletico."The reaction from people within Barcelona surprised me, that they doubt my commitment and my love for the club," he told reporters after Spain's World Cup draw with Portugal."It's one of my companies, the idea came from months ago when I spoke to Griezmann, he told me there was a chance to come to Barcelona and I told him we'd record it, ลิ้ ง sbo that it could be great content for people to see someone take such an important decision."From there, I wasn't involved, obviously. I wasn't filming to see what he had to say and people saw that until the last day he wasn't sure."Yesterday morning they called me and told me that it would go out that night and in the end, he says he's staying, so he stays."He denied any intention to influence the final decision, explaining his aim."I only put cameras there to know what happened, when I knew I spoke with people from the club and communicated it, there are people at the club who know it," Pique said.The Barcelona defender also denied rumours that there had been more than one recording of the programme. ลิ้ ง sbo
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Re: Pique explains his role in Griezmann's Atletico Madrid r

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