One subtle yet encouraging play

One subtle yet encouraging play

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from Sam Darnold’s first preseason game Sometimes the difference between getting quality quarterback play and not getting quality quarterback play comes in a subtle form.With that in mind , I wanted to draw your attention to one throw Sam Darnold made on Friday night against the Falcons. What he did on this throw was easy to miss. It wasn’t a particularly important play in the game, but it is an encouraging sign to see Darnold understanding one of the subtleties of the position so soon.Darnold was looking for Tre McBride on an in breaking route.Darnold doesn’t lead McBride. The receiver has to stop to catch it rather than catching it in stride.At this point you might be wondering, “John, isn’t the quarterback supposed to hit the receiver in stride?”In many instances the answer is yes, but this is not always the case. Take a closer look at this play. There is a defender bearing down on McBride. If Darnold puts the ball further to the inside, McBride would have had a shot to catch it in stride New York Jets T-Shirt , but the defender would have had a chance to lay a big hit on Darnold’s receiver. That is the type of thing that can result in the ball being dislodged or even injury. The receiver and defender were approximately the same distance from that spot.I hope you don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. I am not suggesting we enshrine Sam Darnold in the Hall of Fame because he completed this pass in his first preseason game.My point here is some of what separates good quarterbacks from bad quarterbacks in this league lives in the nuances of the position. It is certainly a good sign that Darnold understands something like this as he is entering the NFL. In a chilly MetLife Stadium the New York Jets lost their fourth straight and their seventh game of the 2018 NFL season with an ugly 41 - 10 loss at home against the division rival Buffalo Bills.Give the Bills credit, they played well. The Jets, on the other hand, were dominated in every phase of the game. The offensive line couldn’t block. Josh McCown was atrocious, making bad throws and bad decisions. The run defense couldn’t tackle, the pass defense couldn’t cover New York Jets Hats , the pass rush rarely got pressure on Matt Barkley. The Buffalo Bills came to play, and the Jets looked like they mailed this one in.The Bills went two plays in less than a minute to score on the game’s first possession. It only went downhill from there. The Bills converted a fake punt on fourth down. They scored on a fumble. They scored on a pass to an eligible receiver offensive lineman. The Bills played loose and well in every aspect of the game. The Jets barely played at all.The Jets could stop neither the run nor the pass, nor could they pass the ball nor run the ball on offense. This was as embarrassing a display of football ineptitude as we’ve seen in some time. The score was 31-3 at the half, and the second half amounted to little more than extended garbage time.With the loss the Jets record falls to 3-7, as they head into the bye week before a week 12 clash against the New England Patriots.John will be around for a more in depth recap of today’s game a bit later this evening. In the meantime leave your comments on the game below.
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Re: One subtle yet encouraging play

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