the best Pest Control company in Riyadh

the best Pest Control company in Riyadh

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1. Wood damage

Star Company for spraying pesticides
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If your home is made of wood, beware.

Wood damage is usually found behind and surfaces such as floors and walls.
An insect control company in Jeddah
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Most houses have wooden floors and it is important to look at your floors or other wooden structures once a week to see if there is any damage.
The company against white ants in Jeddah
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You know that termites primarily harm plants, chew them for cellulose. Over the years, wood is weakened and structural damage occurs.
The company of rats in Jeddah

Always look under the wood surface. If you suspect, consult a specialist because he has the right tools to test termite damage.

2. Wings
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Termites have wings.

You may find abandoned suites near windows, doors or other home access points.

When termites find the right place to dig through the wood, they twist their wings because they know they will not need the wings again.

Termite wings of the same size unlike ant wings. Take a closer look at every corner of your home. If you find suites, immediate action must be taken.
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