Liverpool have a glorious chance to use power of Anfield aga

Liverpool have a glorious chance to use power of Anfield aga

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Liverpool have a glorious chance to use power of Anfield against AS Roma

sbobet online Liverpool reached the final again, in 2007, again overcoming Chelsea at this stage, but this time it is not a domestic opponent who stands in their way but Roma, a club and a name who in themselves evoke glorious European memories for Liverpool, not least the victory over the Italians in 1984 in their Olympic Stadium and Bruce Grobbelaar's "spaghetti legs" in the first European Cup final decided on a penalty shootout. Alan Kennedy sealed Liverpool's fourth European title with his spot kick, a fourth title in just seven years, with Benitez adding that fifth 21 years later. Thirteen years on from then and there is again a growing sense of destiny about Liverpool's Champions League campaign and, increasingly, this epic competition is evolving into one in which mental strength, belief and that power of emotion become pre-eminent, as Real Madrid have proved in winning it three times in four years.

Roma are dangerous, they have to be to have reached this stage. Only the serious teams survive this far. Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester City, Paris St-Germain, Manchester United and Chelsea are among those who have fallen by the wayside. To reach the last four is an astonishing achievement in itself and there is a thirst for revenge from I Giallorossi after 1984, which is the closest they have come to winning the trophy with the big ears. Just as Liverpool will have wanted Roma, then Roma will have wanted Liverpool, ahead of either Real or Bayern Munich. And just as Liverpool produced their calling card, their warning shot, by so impressively beating City 5-1 on aggregate, so did Roma by remarkably overturning the 4-1 deficit they suffered away to Barcelona in the first leg of their last-16 tie.

Beating Barcelona, even a Barcelona not as awesome as in recent years, by any margin is some feat. They have Lionel Messi, after all. To have to win 3-0 and then to win 3-0 is historic and, to do that, Roma again kept a clean sheet at their own stadium in which an extraordinary atmosphere can also be whipped up. It means that having topped a group that included Chelsea and Atletico Madrid – as with Liverpool, Roma were seeded in Pot Three when the draw took place last August – they have not conceded a goal in Europe this season, with Shakhtar Donetsk also having failed to score against Roma away. sbobet online

been regarded as an emphatic first-leg advantage is no longer seen as that in the Champions League, especially if the away team score, as Roma did at the Nou Camp. But then again, no one would back against Liverpool scoring in the second leg, although the way Roma nullified Shakhtar and Barcelona is a warning. As the competition's top scorers – with 33 goals in just 10 matches – and with their formidable attacking armoury and a defence galvanised around Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool will believe – and they will be favourites to reach the final in Kiev on May 26. Can Roma stop their former player, Mohamed Salah? That has been the most obvious theme of the build-up and, as familiar as they are with the Egyptian who left them last summer for a snip of £37 million ($72 million), that is easier said than done. Salah has moved to a whole different level and Liverpool will attempt to target the cumbersome former Tottenham Hotspur defender Federico Fazio. sbobet online
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