Al-Ahly misses Samir for three weeks

Al-Ahly misses Samir for three weeks

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Al-Ahly announced on Friday that defender Saad Samir will be out for three weeks after he picked up a knee
injury on maxbet Thursday night during the Cairo Derby against Zamalek.
Samir was tackled by Zamalek striker Youssef Ibrahim after 20 minutes and received medical treatment, but he could not play more than 10 minutes and was replaced by Mohamed Naguib.
Samir is a key player for the defense of Al-Ahly and the national team, and he is one of the candidates to be included on the national team’s squad for the World Cup in Russia. maxbet
Al-Ahly will miss their defender in the Egypt Cup quarter-finals against Alassiouty Sport on Monday, as well as their first two games in the first two games of the CAF Champions League group stage against Tunisia’s Espérance at home and Kampala Capital City in Uganda. Zamalek won 2-1 over Al-Ahly in the Premier League Cairo Derby played at Cairo Stadium on Thursday night. This was the first victory for Zamalek against Al-Ahly in the Egyptian League since 2007. Zamalek put an end to Al-Ahly’s unbeaten run in the league and reconciled their fans after a disastrous season.maxbet
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Re: Al-Ahly misses Samir for three weeks

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