“He loves me more than his girlfriend” – Benjamin Mendy and

“He loves me more than his girlfriend” – Benjamin Mendy and

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Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has joked that teammate Bernardo Silva loves him more than his girlfriend.
sbobet88888 endy, 23, made his return from a seven-month injury absence as the Premier League champions beat Swansea City 5-0 in the Premier League on Sunday.
The French international suffered knee ligament injury just weeks into the season and has endured a long road to recovery.
Mendy joined the Manchester club as part of a £52m deal to bolster City’s left-back options and yesterday was greeted with rapturous applause from the home support when he came on as a second half substitute.Meanwhile, Bernardo Silva joined City for £43.5 million and the two players were reunited following their successful Ligue 1 triumph with Monaco last season.
Both players were crucial in Monaco’s Champions League campaign last season which saw them reach the semi-finals for the first time in 13 years and they clearly enjoy each other’s company – judging by their tweets.
“He loves me more than food [& his girlfriend],” Mendy tweeted with a picture of his celebrations with Silva against the Swans.
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