Orthodontic Treatment??

Orthodontic Treatment??

Postautor: andrey20 » 14 maja 2018, o 12:09

I tried searching from Covoco but I couldn't find anything about it ! I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for me ... I have received so much help in the past on this forum.
My DD needs braces but unfortunately her problems are not quite 'severe enough' for her to receive the treatment required from the NHS. They were quick to advise me after her examination (without even being asked) that she needs her teeth straightening thereupon quoting me 1,800.00. There is no way I can afford this even in installments. I really don't know what to do or if there is anything I can even do! Does anyone of you kind people have any suggestions whatsoever? I do think that her uneven teeth spoil her general appearance but I just don't have the means to pay for this.
If anyone can suggest me it would be great.

Any help wll be appreciated.
Thank you
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Re: Orthodontic Treatment??

Postautor: nataliakapoor » 14 maja 2018, o 15:03

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