adidas shoes summer fashion

adidas shoes summer fashion

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The next addition adidas shoes summer fashion that we get to the Boost family is the adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime. In case you were wondering what the ZG stands for, it is short for “Zero Gravity”. The new Stretchweb outsole fits to your foot and provides you with a more natural feel when you’re on the move. The PrimeKnit upper hugs your feet and provides you with great breathability, while the shoe adapts to your foot. If you don’t have a pair of shoes with Boost technology then the adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime will make the perfect addition to your rotation.

It’s a neutral shoe, adidas shoes summer discount like the Ultra Boost, however it doesn’t feel quite as supportive as the originals, not least because of the floating arch that was such a prominent feature of the Pure Boost X. This is designed like this because of the greater angle of arch in women’s feet, with more flexible ligaments. Adidas have used a motion capture system to test out the movement of these shoes (NASA and Boeing use the same technique) to see where the skin stretches and compresses, and create a design that improves functionality, performance and comfort. They have clearly listened to the feedback from the Pure Boost X about the high back that created quite a few blisters, and it’s now a lower and softer back of the foot. Yay.

This week I adidas shoes fashoin and comfortable put the adidas PureBOOST X through its paces. The latest among adidas’ BOOST line, it’s a neutral shoe targeted at women. In fact, adidas is releasing both a regular BOOST line and a Stella McCartney BOOST line, hoping that its funky colors and innovative floating arch will draw more women into the active lifestyle.

The Boost technology Adidas Pure Boost may have been intended for performance running, but they have taken a casual twist. With a little help from some of adidas’ biggest influencers and some dope colorways, the Pure Boost and Ultra Boost took the sneaker world by storm.
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