How is orbi different from google wifi or eero?

How is orbi different from google wifi or eero?

Postautor: nicolesmithus » 10 sie 2018, o 09:34

Most people don't put enough thought into their wireless router. Things like the layout of your house, how its built, and how many stories it is all matter when you want good Wi-Fi from one end to the other. Or maybe you need to plug something into a router with a network cable in one room but still want great Wi-Fi everywhere else. With so many things to get connected and so many different ways to connect them, having a good home network is important. Naturally, we all want our Wi-Fi to be fast and strong, and we're quick to fuss when it's not. Even when it's our own fault.

This is where Wireless Mesh networking comes into play. Sometimes one central wireless access point that sends out a powerful signal in all directions is perfect. But often a mesh system that can smother everywhere in your home with a Wi-Fi signal is better. There's a big difference between Wi-Fi in your house that works and Wi-Fi in your house that works well.
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Re: How is orbi different from google wifi or eero?

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