Quality of Online Shopping Websites

Quality of Online Shopping Websites

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The largest and probably the most obvious difference between traditional service quality and quality of electronic services aimed to make money online, is the replacement of interpersonal interaction with a human-machine interaction. This simple distinction raises many questions about the type of dimensions that can or must be considered for the evaluation of service quality in an online business context.
The specific to Internet commerce features make the direct application of the dimensions of service quality developed in non-electronic commerce environments inappropriate or at least do not contain all the subtleties of evaluations of the quality of serving commercial websites.
The most classic dimensions of traditional service quality are tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy of the service provider. However, it does not exist, so far, consensus regarding the dimensions of the electronic service quality.
Although some dimensions have been proposed anecdotal ways, others return in some systematic way: security/confidentiality, site design, efficiency/ease of use, reliability / compliance, and provides information offered on the site.
Furthermore, the positive feelings (warmth, attachment) expressed for traditional services do not seem to appear in the e-service quality perceptions; Similarly, negative feelings (anger, irritation, frustration) do not appear to be as intense on the Internet than those expressed in problems for traditional services.
Finally, if the conventional feedback of the traditional service quality is based on calculating a difference between expectations and perceptions, it is difficult to implement the same device for measuring the electronic service quality; respondents experiencing difficulties in formulating their expectations for electronic service quality.
A direct measurement of electronic service quality perceptions, after the service has been issued, seems more relevant. Nevertheless, e-commerce quality can be look at uniformly irrespective of whether a website is dealing in home goods, electronics or selling services. A typical example is http://mydealersource.com/.
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