Enjoying a Comfortable Nile Cruise

Enjoying a Comfortable Nile Cruise

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Nothing is as enjoyable as taking a Nile cruise aboard a traditional boat (a dahabieh) with a capacity limited to ten people on a unique cruise: Esna to Aswan. A traditional boat will not only offer access to remote parts of the Nile but also take time allowing cool view of what the Nile has to offer.
More graceful than a felucca, long and tapered with both sails and gleaming deck, dahabieh sails softly. Around you, the landscape scrolls with serenity: banana fields, sailing a ship, palm plantations, dunes ... Meanwhile, you enjoy the comfort of the boat, lying on the deck, an infusion hibiscus hand. And at a time when the sites are empty, you dock, addressing the villages in peace, go and meet the Egyptians in their daily lives.
Sail aboard the traditional boat is more like a Nile cruise trip back in time at the time of ancient Egypt when walking in the Nile aboard these magnificent gilded boats. There are still a few traditional boats that still offer Nile cruise in Egypt and such trips are part of a backup process of Egyptian original heritage. Its flat bottom allows it to come as close to the coast, where no cruiser can venture.
The best way to get the most comfortable way and explore the treasures of Egypt is using a traditional boat on your Nile cruise. Along the way, you will not only enjoy the overlooking desert, mountains or palm groves but also amazing restaurants, in addition to discovering the rivers uniqueness where respect for the environment and the local population is privileged.
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