Places to Encounter During an Egyptian Nile Cruise

Places to Encounter During an Egyptian Nile Cruise

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A Nile cruise is not just about the Nile but instead has a lot to offer. Here are just but a few places you may want to watch out for during your Nile cruise, not just for their name but also for the uniqueness and interesting aspects they offer.
Founded in the 3rd century BC by Alexander the Great, the city of Alexandria is one of the stops of the cruise in the Mediterranean favorite of history buffs. Travel back in time, the stopover in Alexandria allows cruise lines to discover much of the country's history through its monuments whose column Diocletian, the Roman Catacombs of Kom el Chouqafa and Fort Qaitbay. This is a place you don’t want to miss during your Nile Cruise.
Suez Canal
Between Port Said to the city of Suez, Suez Canal is crossed by many boats offering cruises in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean or the Middle East. While visiting the Suez Canal, travelers marvel at the rich historical heritage of the country as the archaeological site of Tanis and its historical remains aplenty. The city of Zagazig is another site unmistakable Suez Canal.
Port Said
Port Said, one of the most beautiful cities of Egypt, is an ideal stopover for a Nile cruise in the Middle East or the Mediterranean. During a stop in Port Said, cultural visits to the National Museum in Port Said, at the Modern Art Museum of El Nasr and the Military Museum are popular with travelers. It should be noted that the city is also one of the most popular resorts in the country.
Located south of Hurghada, Safaga is a small Egyptian industrial town regularly passes a cruise in the Red Sea or the Indian Ocean. For diving enthusiasts, Safaga is a paradise where beginners and experts can fully indulge their passion. Francophone divers fully appreciate the stopover in diving spots of the side of Safaga United Divers, Turtles 3 or Calypso.
Sharm el Sheik
Sharm el-Sheikh, the largest seaside resort in Egypt is also a popular stop for cruise in the Mediterranean or Red Sea. For lovers of relaxation, the city is home to many places of interest include Sharm El Maya and its public beach, Naama Bay and its pedestrian zones and Shark's Bay and its beautiful beaches perfect for sunbathing during
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