Engagement rings trends for 2016

Engagement rings trends for 2016

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Diamonds come in lots of sizes and shapes. After they are certified and then get sold into the market, our Top diamond engagement rings designs go through some processes by skilled diamond cutters. Top diamond engagement rings are designed into lots of attractive diamond shapes and come in several different sizes and designs. We the top diamond engagement rings designs create the most stunning tradition engagement rings, with infinite options for all kinds of style. Whether you want a modern one or a vintage ring, a colored stone or a diamond, platinum or a rose gold band one, we the top diamond engagement rings designers filled up with ideas for creating your very own ideal piece of jewelry.
Check out top designer diamond engagement rings that are going to be a pretty big deal for 2016
“Open setting” Top designer diamond engagement ring:Rings through an open setting are particularly trendy with celebrities since they are the ideal way to show off an actually standout stone.
Round Brilliant Diamond:
Round diamond is one from the beautiful top diamond engagement rings designs; it has to have 58 surface cuts and divided with its crown, pavilion, and girdle. The crown is at the top middle of the diamond, the belt or girdle is the widest piece of the diamond and the pavilion is the base.
Oval Diamond:
The oval shaped top designer diamond engagement rings having ideal balance and regularity. This is generally suitable for the smaller hands as it adds a little length to fingers.
Marquise Diamond:
The marquise diamond engagement ring is shaped like a “rugby ball” or a dropped chocolate.This is a stunning shape and stays glowing with smaller diamonds neighboring it.
Pear Shaped Diamond:
An elegantly shaped engagement rings designs that are similar to a tear or rain drop. This superb jewelry works perfectly with both necklaces and earrings.
Heart Shaped Diamonds:
Love and romance describe the shape of the heart diamond. A very perfect shaped for such events like wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day. This top diamond engagement rings design is known as Jewelry of the Month. Lots of other diamond cuts, shapes and stone sizes are available by http://www.petragems.com/diamonds/ that helping people to look for something unique.
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