Why is Maamoul important presentation during festivals?

Why is Maamoul important presentation during festivals?

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Maamoul is a small sized shortbread pastry. In most of its preparation style, it is filled with pistachios, dates and walnuts. In some cases to add typical taste and more value, it is filled with almonds and figs. This is also possible to have its delicious taste in different shape of small balls and flattened cookies.
How Maamoul is important?
Many people keep this pastry at home and use to have a stock for year round celebrations. In most of the cases, it is typically brought in festivals, and people love to have it.
During Ramadan, Muslims eat this pastry at night, and it is also a notable fact that they eat on Eid al-Fitr and on Eid al-Adha holidays. You can see its importance in Arab Christians family too. These people eat Ma’amoul before Lent and on Easter Sunday. You can also see individuals who taste on the feast of Epiphany.
How to make it?
Maamoul is typically made of different ingredients that include semolina, yeast, sugar, butter and nuts. In addition, you can also add some special ingredients to change its taste like barazek. But the fact is that homemade cookies are good to taste, it is far better to go shopping and buy lots of Ma’amoul for the festival.
Where to buy?
The availability of stores has decreased the headache of making it at home. You are able to place an order and get fresh and tasty cookies with sufficient quantity by simply visiting https://www.bachiramissweets.com.To enrich the value of holidays and festivals, it is better to buy different pastries like barazek and baklava.
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Re: Why is Maamoul important presentation during festivals?

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