The five biggest differences between Jurgen Klopp and Jose M

The five biggest differences between Jurgen Klopp and Jose M

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Manchester United and Liverpool meet for the 200th time at Old Trafford this Saturday in what promises to be another fascinating encounter between English football’s two most decorated clubs.
wap sbobet ] The occasion also sees two of Europe’s super coaches go head-to-head for the ninth time with Reds boss Jurgen Klopp holding a 3-1 winning record over his United counterpart Jose Mourinho.
Both men are alike, yet different. Here are five such examples when it comes to their approaches regarding the beautiful game.
1. Defence is the best form of attack
Mourinho has never hid where he stands when it comes to football.
When analysing Manchester United’s victory in last year’s Europa League final against 33-time Dutch champions Ajax, the Portuguese tactician noted to him ‘beautiful football’ means not giving his opponents what they want.
It’s been his mantra since establishing himself as one of Europe’s premier coaches more than a decade ago. Of course, this doesn’t mean he is reluctant to play attacking football, just knowing when not to, because for him it’s always been to play the percentages.
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