Rummenigge's transparent calls for "competition"

Rummenigge's transparent calls for "competition"

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As Bayern prepare to pop champagne corks in March, it is clear 50+1 is not the magical formula some claimed when the Klassiker rivals duked it out in London. Nevertheless, the alternative should not be viewed as a land of plenty for all.
"I hope that the German Football League will get rid of the 50+1 rule,” Bayern’s chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told GQ recently. "I would like a bit more competition."sbobet8888
Ah, Kalle. That gallant defender of sporting competitiveness. Presumably it is this impulse that drives Bayern to buy their nearest competitors' best assets whenever the opportunity presents itself - Schalke's brilliant midfielder Leon Goretzka being the latest example.
Bayern count Audi, Adidas and Allianz as strategic partners with stakes in the club under the current sbobet8888rules and Qatar Airways will become their official airline from July.
Remove the shackles from the Bundesliga and it is pretty clear where the new money would be most likely to flow.
While Leipzig's rise speaks well of a club being able to rapidly close the gap operating outside ownership restrictions, imagine how far away Bayern might be had the tightening of their Bundesliga stranglehold under Pep Guardiola come with unfettered spending..sbobet8888
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Re: Rummenigge's transparent calls for "competition"

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Wait for the competition

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