Alves becomes most successful football player in history

Alves becomes most successful football player in history

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Dani Alves, Paris St. Germain’s Brazilian defender, has become the player with the most titles in history.sbobet thai
After the Coupe de la Ligue triumph over Monaco with PSG, Alves has a total of 36 titles under his belt in his extensive professional track record.
His title raises him to be the most successful football player in the history of football, surpassing two legendary figures and icons of British football, Kenny Dalglish and Ryan Giggs.
Much of this track record was achieved by Alves with FC Barcelona, specifically 63% of them.
Alves has achieved a total of 23 titles with Barcelona in eight seasons, with which he played in the “Blaugrana” club.

Here is Alves’ track record:

1 title with Bahia, Brazil sbobet thai
2 titles with Paris St. Germain (League Cup and Super Cup of France)
2 titles with Juventus, Italy (League and Cup)
3 titles with the Brazilian national team (two Confederations Cup and one Copa América)
5 Sevilla (Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, two UEFA Cups and one European Super Cup)
23 FC Barcelona (6 League titles, 4 Copa del Rey, 5 Spanish Super Cups, 3 European Super Cups, 3 Champions League, 3 Club World Cups)
Alves himself recalled this feat on Instagram and thanked the support received throughout his career. sbobet thai
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