In a published report, it was found that the THC

In a published report, it was found that the THC

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KHARTOUM Authentic Kenny Lofton Jersey , Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- Sudan's Minerals Ministry and Egypt's National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) on Sunday signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation in earthquake monitoring and geophysical exploration of minerals and oil.

""The MoU, signed today, stipulates exchange of information between Sudan and Egypt at the regional and international level,"" Mohamed Abu Fatma Authentic Corey Kluber Jersey , Director General of Geological Research Authority of Sudan (GRAS), said in a statement.

Describing the memorandum as ""important,"" he noted that the deal designed a geo-technical map of strategic importance and could monitor the movement of the Nile River's water, particularly during the flood season.

The memorandum also stipulates cadre training Authentic Jason Kipnis Jersey , monitoring of the dams, reservoirs and mines and road construction.

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On the Internet you can shop for virtually any item in the exact model, producer and colour you want – even for cars Authentic Francisco Lindor Jersey , motorcycles and appliances wherever they may be located. Escrow sites have made a worry-free exercise of shopping for these kinds of big-ticket items, because they assure payment and product delivery. But what happens when scammers and criminals entice innocent shoppers and vendors into duplicitous escrow sites to steal their personal financial information, money and products?

Unfortunately, escrow fraud is a fact of life. Some duplicitous persons establish fake escrow sites and then pose as shoppers or merchants in order to dupe honest people out of their cash or goods. When an escrow fraudster purports to be a seller Authentic Edwin Encarnacion Jersey , he exhibits a product for sale, and prevails upon the buyer to transfer his money to the phony escrow site – usually convincing him it’s for his own safety. The scammer gets the funds intended for the vendor, and the buyer gets nothing in return.

When masquerading as a consumer, the criminal trawls through auction and classified sites to locate an item he wants and goes through the motions of ordering it. The fraudster requires for the use of the fabricated escrow site Authentic Joe Carter Jersey , which advises the vendor that the shopper has sent funds so the vendor ships the product. The con gets the goods and the supplier receives nothing in return.

How to identify and avoid fake escrow sites
Not falling victim to escrow fraud is really simple if you stick to a few basic rules:
1. Be familiar with several well-known and verified escrow sites before conducting any transactions online
2. Beware of a consumervendor who is intractable about the use of a specific escrow site you are not familiar with (some use a variety of sites to confuse careful shopperssuppliers)
3. Be wary of escrow sites that are shabbily designed, look amateurish, shows many spelling or grammar mistakes, andor don’t provide sufficient information about how to use the site or who operates it. Reputable escrow firms invest a lot of time and money to set up quality sites.
4. STAY AWAY FROM an escrow site whose URL (web address) doesn’t start with “https:” – the “s” is important; it implies a secure site with 128 bit encryption technology. An unsecure escrow site is most likely fake.
5. Beware of escrow sites with suspiciously cheap escrow rates. Cheap escrow fees are sometimes used to attract people in.
6. NEVER remit money using untrackable money wire firms Ricky Vaughn Jersey , like Western Union or Money Gram.
7. DON’T deposit escrow funds to an individual or agent. Legitimate firms will allow you only to deposit funds with a corporation that is licensed to facilitate escrow transactions.

What to do if you suspect an escrow site as fraudulent
Here are steps you can take to verify whether an escrow site is above board:
1. Do an internet search using the company name as keywords. If search results reveal only the escrow site, it’s probably an illegitimate site.
2. Look for the company’s domain name in a WHOIS database. If the domain was registered recently or the contact information appears invalid, stay away from the site.
3. Find out if the company is authorised and who the licensing authority is. Then look up the licensing authority and validate the registration numbers provided. Make sure that the registration number matches with the company. Look well at the licensing authority’s own site. If it shows any of the warning signs for fraudulent sites, assume that this site is fake – and so is the escrow company it licensed.
4. If an escrow site purports to be affiliated with Ebay Satchel Paige Jersey , Yahoo! or a similar company, validate the relationship from the alleged affiliate.
5. Any escrow site that claims functions as an agency of a larger, better-known escrow firm is probably not legitimate. Legitimate escrow firms rarely operate in this way.

What to do if you fall victim to a fraudulent escrow site
If you have been defrauded by an illegitimate escrow site, you should notify the authorities immediately and respond with dispatch to shield yourself against identity theft.

In the United Kingdom Jim Thome Jersey , you can report Internet and escrow fraud to the Metropolitan Police

In the U.S., you can report fraud through your local police, the Secret Service, andor the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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