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Sony has always had a nice selection of computers Women's Shane Ray Jersey , and adding the prestigious Vaio EC (economy class) series to their lineup was a good move that now allows people with less money to spend to buy their own notebook computer. The Vaio EC selection of notebook computers has many top-notch features. Included is Windows 7 Home Premium and other software to get you started, a good-sized monitor and easy-to-use keyboard, as well as a Blu-ray player for your favorite movies. The following is a look at some of the reasons why a Vaio EC Notebook may or may not be right for you.

The Sony Vaio EC Notebook comes bundled with a variety of good software. While you may have to add programs based on your particular needs, for many users, what you get off the shelf will be all they need. If you need a word processor and spread sheet application Women's Adam Gotsis Jersey , the Vaio EC computers come with Microsoft Officer Starter productivity software, which will give you Word and Excel with limited functionality. It also includes Windows 7 Home Premium that gives you a lot of flexibility by allowing you to change themes and taskbar programs. Even though the notebook comes with starter editions of Word and Excel, it stores the complete code or these applications on your computer so all you have to do to upgrade is purchase a “key” either from your electronics store or online. Then it is an easy matter to insert the “key” information and you immediately have access to the full-featured Microsoft Office Suite. For creating and editing PDF documents, the Vaio EC includes Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard; for editing images, you get Photoshop Elements as well as Premium Elements; and last Women's Women's Paxton Lynch Jersey , but certainly not least, you get a 30-trial anti-virus package from the highly acclaimed Norton. It might be necessary to upgrade the different applications that come with the Vaio EC if they aren’t full-featured enough for you but, generally, you will have what you need to use the machine with no problems. A couple of the features that the Vaio EC Notebook has are number pad on the right and a chiclet keyboard. You can even buy a rubber skin for the keyboard that will improve the longevity of the computer as a whole. Keyboarding with this computer is actually very similar to a standard size keyboard which makes it very convenient to use on the go. Similar to the maneuverability that you will find with a standard mouse, the touchpad that you access your icons and files with relative ease. A touchpad is simply a flat surface that acts as the mouse for the computer. Overall Women's Case Keenum Jersey , the keyboard and touchpad are comfortable and user friendly for anything you want to do on the Vaio EC.

If you’re looking for power and clarity in a speaker system on the next laptop that you buy, the Vaio EC Notebook might leave you slightly wanting. So if you like to listen to music on your computer, watch movies or play games, you may be a little disappointed with the sound quality. Most of us probably won’t notice that the speakers are not that good because we will plug headphones into the laptop when we listen to anything at all. Laptop sound systems are not a component that most of us worry about, so this drawback really isn’t that bad. But if you like to turn up the volume on your speakers at home Women's Justin Simmons Jersey , the Vaio EC Notebook can only be rated as fair in this department.

To conclude, the Sony Vaio EC Notebook offers you good value, a low price, and above average features and performance for a computer in this price range. Since it’s not as compact as many other notebooks or laptops, it’s more designed to be a replacement for a desktop. The appearance is plain and simple Women's Jake Butt Jersey , not garish or eye-catching. Remember, what’s important in a PC, as in a car, is what’s “under the hood.” It’s up to you if you like this clean design or not. However, if the main reason you want a notebook computer is reliability Women's Chad Kelly Jersey , mainstream performance, and multimedia features – coupled with an impressive 17″ monitor – then the Sony Vaio EC Notebook is perfect for you.

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