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Many small businesses leave their tax planning to just before the end of the financial year Bruno World Cup Jersey , resulting in an ineffective approach to one of the most important annual financial issues. Often a quick review of their situation reveals issues they should have identified and planned for three or even six months earlier. The result is a panicked approach and actions taken that may not have been properly thought through and may not benefit the business.
Tax Planning Should Not be Hurried
The approach taken by larger businesses and recommended by accountants is to review the financial reports several months prior to the end of the financial year. Any likely issues can be identified at this time and strategies discussed and agreed on well before final decisions need to be made. For example, one issue that many businesses face is uneven cash flow and provided this is being regularly monitored, it should be evident well before the financial year end if cash flow will be a problem.
There are a number of legitimate accounting measures that can be taken to improve cash flow. By delaying some payments until after financial year end that are deductible in the current year, cash flow is improved, the deductibility of the expense reduces profit and has a direct effect on tax liability. One example is that of wages paid to employees after financial year end. These can be claimed as a tax Brisbane deduction provided they relate to employment services rendered in the current financial year. Bonuses are in the same boat provided the amounts are documented and there is a definite commitment to paying them unconditionally.
Watch for Changes to Laws to Get Full Advantage
A change to the law effective from 1 July 2012 regarding the treatment of GST on hire purchase agreements for people who account on a cash basis is another opportunity. Previously Aritz Aduriz World Cup Jersey , these businesses claimed GST progressively, that is, as each payment was made the GST was claimed which put them at odds with businesses who used accrual accounting. Now, both cash and accrual methods of accounting are treated the same way for GST purposes in that the GST is claimed up front when the first hire purchase payment is made. This can benefit the cash flow position of eligible businesses.
Changes that coincided with the introduction of the carbon tax were also made to assist small business to improve cash flow. Depreciating assets valued at less than $6,500 can be written off in the income year in which the asset begins to be used. This figure has been raised by $1 Andres Iniesta World Cup Jersey ,000 so there will be some effect on cash flow. In the same timeframe, small business can write off $5,000 of a car costing $6,500 or more in the year in which the car is first used. The remaining value is depreciated normally, so small business can improve cash flow by delaying vehicle purchases until after the financial year end.
These are just a few of the legitimate measures available to businesses that take a strategic approach to tax planning. With the sophisticated accounting software available it is relatively easy to run scenarios to see the effect on the bottom line. Discussing tax planning with your business accountant well in advance of tax time will bring plenty of benefits. Click here …

The City of New York Alvaro Morata World Cup Jersey , aka the Big Apple, consists of five separate boroughs. Each of the boroughs is also a county but with a different name. These boroughs are: Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. It doesn’t matter what time of day a person checks the NYC traffic report Sergio Rico Spain Jersey , the center of the city where three boroughs meet (Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn) are always seriously backed up.

New York City, the center of the NY metropolitan area, is the gateway for immigrants to legally enter the United States. It is also recognized as a global power city, the cultural and financial capital of the world. It is also home to the United Nations Sergio Ramos Spain Jersey , two NFL football teams, two major league baseball teams, as well as professional basketball and hockey.

Brooklyn is the second-largest of the 5 boroughs in terms of square mileage and the largest in terms of population, being home to 2.6 million souls. Brooklyn shares its borders with Kings County. The borough connects with its neighbour, Manhattan Sergio Busquets Spain Jersey , by the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges of its kind in the United States. Brooklyn has existed as an entity in one form or another for 350 years or more.

Queens is the second-largest of the five New York City boroughs, both in terms of land area and population (2.3 million). The corresponding county is also called Queens. Famous people who have come from Queens include actresses Mae West and Lucy Liu, tennis legend John McEnroe, author Jack Kerouac, author of On the Road Santi Cazorla Spain Jersey , Lonesome Traveler and Big Sur, and entrepreneur Donald Trump.

The most densely populated of the five New York boroughs, Manhattan crams 1.6 million people into a land area of 23 square miles. Technically, Manhattan is an island, which it shares with New Rochelle Pedro Rodriguez Spain Jersey , White Plains and other upstate towns. Manhattan is home to Central Park, immortalized in the television comedy, Friends, which lasted for ten series. The large neighborhood of Harlem is also in Manhattan. Manhattan is in New York County.

The Bronx is the northernmost of New York City’s five boroughs. It is bisected by the Bronx River into a hilly section on the west side of the river and a flatter section on the east bank. The Bronx also happens to be the only one of the 5 boroughs that is located completely on the mainland. The Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden are located here.

Home to the New York Yankees baseball team, and to Yankee Stadium Paco Alcacer Spain Jersey , it is reputed to have been Yankee fans who invented the Bronx cheer, a sound not unlike blowing raspberries. Books that have been set in the . Cheap Raiders Jerseys Cheap Patriots Jerseys Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys Wholesale Giants Jerseys Wholesale Eagles Jerseys Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys Wholesale Los Angeles Chargers Jerseys Wholesale Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys Wholesale San Francisco 49ers Jerseys
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