The way to Layup in NBA 2K18

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The way to Layup in NBA 2K18

Postautor: 4Rsercom » 11 cze 2018, o 10:40

If you're on the offensive in NBA 2K18, you'll need to be certain that you have all of the basic techniques down. 1 such thing that people are having a couple problems with is the way to layup in the NBA 2K MT Coins game and actually score.

It turns out that the basics of really doing a layup in NBA 2K18 is simple. All you have to do is hold the right stick toward the hoop as you're sprinting towards it with R2/ RT.. It follows that you're basically holding the shoot button whilst driving toward the hoop.

Obviously, there is more than 1 layup available in NBA 2K18. A reverse layup needs one to hold the right stick toward the baseline whilst driving the baseline. There's also the Euro Step variant if you want to have a bit fancier, too. In order to do so, just double tap Square/ X when you're driving toward the hoop once again.

The issue, however, seems to lie at the fact that there's a shot meter you ought to nail as a way to score NBA 2K19 MT, however there's no visible meter for one to see in the sport. As such, it may just take a little bit of practice before you're beating them every time.
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