Constant speed pump

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Constant speed pump

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When the pump is installed in a certain line at work, the actual working conditions are determined, but also for the whole pipeline characteristic curve not only for the pump performance curve itself. This is the intersection of two curves that determine the operating conditions of the pipeline system pump. In the pipeline installation system the same curve, for different pumps, its working point is different. The working point of constant speed pump and pump speed is very different, so that the flow rate, head and efficiency are different.correct selection of vacuum pump in chemical industry

Water supply system, with fixed speed universal centrifugal pump, its working principle is to use centrifugal fluid rotation energy. It is driven by the motor pump at a certain speed rotating certain power, so that in a certain fluid pressure energy and kinetic energy. The feed water (for example, in YT62 hydraulic coupler) pump has a special component - hydraulic coupler.molecular pump structure and schematic diagram

It is installed between the prime motor (motor, etc.) and the rotating parts of the pump, the transfer of kinetic energy of the liquid, and the power of the hydraulic transmission device. Its working principle is: the department has driven shaft pump wheel, driven shaft and a certain gap between a relative turbine and a turbine pump drive shaft end, forming two cavities, said a cycle wheel. When the engine drive shaft rotation, the working fluid in the pump wheel will gain energy, and from the pump wheel throwing to the generator, energy transfer to the turbine, a certain speed, thus promote the driven shaft to realize the transfer of power.Molecular pump application energy saving lamp production technology

The only circulating pump wheel and turbine operating in the oil circulation wheel are applied at different speeds (sliding there) when there is a difference in centrifugal force to keep the flow going. As long as the fuel cycle changes and the fuel charge changes, you can adjust the amount of drive shaft and power transmission, stepless speed regulation.Application of water ring vacuum pump in canning machine
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