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Would you rather play all day in the rough or in the fairway?

Believe it or not Eddie Lacy Jersey , your golf ball selection can determine just that. Play your best golf by matching your ball to your ability, style of play, and equipment.

Perhaps you have more interest in buying a $300 driver or even a full set of clubs. However, keep in mind that a change as simple as buying a different ball (often a cheaper ball!) can dramatically improve your game. Follow these steps to evaluate golf ball comparisons and find the best ball for your game.

Ignore Marketing Ploys and Keeping Up With the Joneses

Do not buy a golf ball based on marketing information, price Luke Joeckel Jersey , or package labeling alone. Do not sell your game short by playing the XYZ ball because ABC does. Instead, use golf ball comparisons to locate a handful of balls that match your playing characteristics.

Understand The Basic Ball Types

You can easily rule out half of the golf ball choices by choosing whether you need a two piece or three piece ball (sometimes 4 piece). Each type has their own characteristics. Keep in mind that golf ball manufacturers can also vary the performance within each of these categories.

Two Piece Golf Balls

Two piece golf balls are made of a solid rubber core and a plastic covering. These balls are usually labeled distance balls. They can help higher handicapped players because they produce less spin. This results in less of a hook or slice from miss hits.

Three Piece Golf Balls

Three piece golf balls have a large solid core that is surrounded by various plastic-type materials. The outer cover is a soft rubber material. These golf balls produce more spin and have a softer feel. They are the ball of choice for most low handicapped players with consistent swings.

Dimple Patterns, Compression, and Spin Rate

There are more characteristics that determine the performance of a golf ball. Along with varying the thickness and hardness of the layers of a ball, engineers can work with many other variables to fine tune the performance. Skip the details Blair Walsh Jersey , however, just match the characteristics to your swing and equipment.

Find a Few Good Matches and Test Them All

Once you have taken the time to find a few golf ball models that fit your playing style test them out. Try a few round with one type of ball, then switch to another. Just make sure to play enough to hit in several different situations.

Finally, the think again about how you determine which ball has the best feel. Ironically the concept has feel has a lot to do with sound. Today's equipment sounds different, and it seems all clubs are unique; this is especially true with drivers. This is why it is vital to play a couple of rounds using all of your clubs before accepting or rejecting any new ball.

Ultimately Justin Coleman Jersey , matching golf ball characteristics to your specific swing characteristics will result in better performance, lower scores, and more enjoyment of the game.
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Tim Heeter is a golf coach and author of Golf Training Aids 365, a website helping golfers learn to take control of their golf game. Read more information about golf ball comparisons at his website Golf Training Aids 365.

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