Precautions for the safe operation of the stone crusher

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Precautions for the safe operation of the stone crusher

Postautor: Mark_Twain » 13 sie 2018, o 04:15

A stone crusher is a crushing machine that uses shock energy to crush material. At present, it is widely used in highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry, electric power, and construction industries. As a leader in the production of mining machinery and equipment, SBM summarizes the following points for attention in the safe operation of rock crushers:
1. The machine rotates the rotor by hand before starting to check whether the rotor collides with other parts.
2. Before starting the machine, check all the screws on the machine.
3. Users should install protective equipment on the triangular belt according to the specific situation on the spot before they can operate.
4, the machine can not be repaired and cleaned when the machine is running, and it is strictly forbidden to open all kinds of small doors.
5, not to add more than the prescribed size of the material and can not be broken.
6, the machine should rotate in a fixed direction and no reverse rotation.
7, when the machine is running, if the abnormal phenomenon is found, it should stop immediately and eliminate the fault.
8, the work site must not be stacked with sundries, and there must be enough light and lighting equipment.
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