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puma rihanna velvet creeper norge

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Moyes Calls Real Sociedad Biggest Challenge Of Career - RealGM Wiretap
David Moyes believes being asked to turnaround Real Sociedad is the biggest challenge of his career.

“I believe this is the biggest challenge of my career puma rihanna creeper svart ,” Moyes said. “It is an opportunity to show that British managers can go abroad. There is not an abundance of [those that have] and I have always beaten the drum [about going abroad]. Hopefully I am the first of many. If I can succeed, maybe it will make it easier for others to do as well.

“I think at the present time you could say it [La Liga] is the best league in the world. It’s overtaken the Premiership because of the quality of the players and the teams. La Liga has some of the finest players, some really good coaches and I wanted to test myself against the best. I think you have to look at the Champions League finals, which in the past has [involved] English teams, and the Europa League finals, and even some of the very recent European ties, and it makes you realise the quality of the teams here.

“I spoke to [Real Madrid’s assistant coach] Paul Clement last week – and Carlo Ancelotti phoned me today. Paul told me how strong he felt the Spanish league was. All the games are difficult, everywhere you go. Obviously it’s a change of style. And a change of lifestyle, which I’m looking forward to embracing. But I hope it all makes me better.

“La Real have a great history of British coaches, like John Toshack, Chris Coleman. And some of the greatest managers Britain have produced, like Bobby Robson and Terry Venables, saw fit to come and manage in La Liga. I would not for a minute put myself at their level but I hope that at the end of my time here [I will be] and prove that I can [do so].

“I hope when the time comes for me to go back home I’ll be more ready, with more knowledge.”

Moyes also believes he should have been given more time at Manchester United.

“I stand by what I said at the time, that I was not given enough time to succeed or fail puma patent heart hvid ,” Moyes said. “I think there was nothing wrong with how we worked and everyone can see that whoever is in charge at Manchester United it is quite a long job to do things. Nine months would never be enough time for any manager. Most real football people understood that there would be a period of transition at Manchester United when you take over from Sir Alex. I always believed I was the right person for the job and I still believe that is the case.”

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