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In extreme cases, hemorrhoids can be unbearably painful and uncomfortable, but in most situations, it can be treated with some simple life practices. Hemorrhoids tend to get worse with time Authentic Tarell Basham Jersey , so it is better to get it treated as soon as possible. Older people have a high probability of suffering from hemorrhoids. Also, hemorrhoids are more common among men than among women.

The common symptoms of hemorrhoids

As pain or bleeding in the anus or rectum region can happen due to many different reasons, so here are some common symptoms with which you can identify hemorrhoids: Tissue lumps protruding from the anal area, swelling in the anal area, painless bleeding, itching in the anal area Authentic Quincy Wilson Jersey , pain or discomfort in the anal region, swelling, or leaking feces. Internal hemorrhoids often lay hidden without any perceptible symptom till such a tissue lump starts bleeding during bowel movements or protrudes out. The protruding hemorrhoids are also known as prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Harvard Medical School suggests some remedies to alleviate the common symptoms:

A fiber-rich diet with lots of fluids: The fiber and fluid will help to soften the stool and will prevent bleeding or pain during bowel movement.
Daily exercise: Simple walking for 20 minutes a day will stimulate the bowel function.
Regular bowel habit: Do not delay a bowel movement when you get a natural urge. Backed-up stool can cause more pressure.
Take a sitz bath: A warm-water bath for the buttocks (sitz) can help ease the pain and pressure on the sphincter muscle.
Use an analgesic lotion or an ice pack on the buttocks: Applying an analgesic or an ice pack on the anal region can also help with the pain or swelling.
When to consult a doctor

According to Medical News Today, if you experience any of the above.
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