Medium digger recommendation - SY215C10 hydraulic diggers

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Medium digger recommendation - SY215C10 hydraulic diggers

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SY215C-10 hydraulic Excavator is a new generation diggerdesigned by Sany Heavy Machinery.It weighs 22,000kg featuring low fuel consumption, low noise and high reliability. SY215C-10 hydraulic Australia Digger is capable of reducing 7-15% fuel consumption with customized engine, hydraulic system, and leading AOCT auto optimization control technology. Customized Mitsubishi 4M50 engine provides powerful rated power of 118KW@2000rpm and maximum torque of 580Nm@1600rpm. The customized hydraulic system is more energy saving and environmentally friendly. SY215C10 medium digger adopts the AOCT - auto optimization control technology to ensure the core components always at the best working conditions. Big Excavator

SY215C10’s heart componentsareof a suitable system and even great robustness and they have happen to be proven by just difficult testing product, being sure of great excellence with every working with factors. micro digger Different taxi cab through newage hvac and even all-inclusive coverage will truly greatly reduce racket and even expands working with comfortableness essential safety. 20 tonne excavator SY215C10 digger set in tier considering the India cycle III emission conventional which inturn equals to EUROPEAN III, created for diverse jobsites in the world. At the same time, SY215C-10 hydraulic digger is the very champ for Inflammed Celeb Model Honour and even Older Pin Model Honour. Additionally there are couple of great relationship varieties for SY215C10 digger: the very wholly electronic directed digger and then the hydraulic hybrid car digger tutorial that are aimed for customers right from numerous states and even districts. Excavator Heavy Equipment
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