Machin: One, two or three players will arrive

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Machin: One, two or three players will arrive

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As the transfer deadline approaches, 3mbet Sevilla coach Pablo Machin has admitted that the team will sign up to three players.The former Girona tactician has claimed that the Andalusians are in need of reinforcement and that Real Madrid striker Borja Mayoral is on his radar."People have to arrive for the positions that you have talked about," he said at his press conference prior to the Europa League game against Sigma Olomouc. "One, two or three players will arrive, as sometimes it's not about what you want but what you can do."Borja Mayoral is an interesting player who hasn't had many opportunities."He who comes will be a very good player and we will be happy."The 1-0 away win in Czech Republic has given the Spanish team the upper hand, but Machin has rung the bell against complacency."We all have to be very clear that this game has no margin for error," 3mbet he added."If we believe that we have everything done more than we really have, we will face difficulties."The next match is the only one that matters."With five games in two weeks, the 43-year-old has highlighted the importance of rotating his starting line-up."We always say that the next game is the most important and with the changes we seek freshness and that everyone feels involved," he noted. "There are particular situations where some have less rest than others, but we all paddle in the same direction." 3mbet
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