Excavators maintenance in severe environment

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Excavators maintenance in severe environment

Postautor: sanycranes » 24 maja 2016, o 04:44

Excavators maintenance in severe environment

Excavators in field operation usually gather more dust, thus its air filter should be replaced earlier than normal condition in order to ensure a good running of engine. Moreover, the radiator, diesel filter, initiator and rectifier of the excavator must also be washed with clean water.

During mining operation, the chassis, driving wheel, guide wheel, track roller, supporting roller and crawler belt of excavators are more likely to be damaged by the rocks; therefore, it is better for the operator to loosen up the tightness of crawler and change the damaged parts timely.

In winter, operators shall pay attention to freeze protection of Heavy Excavators, using high quality cold resistant diesel, adding antifreeze in cooling water, and regularly charging and discharging the battery to prevent electrolyte from freezing.
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Re: Excavators maintenance in severe environment

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