Vallejo proves he can be a Real Madrid centre-back

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Vallejo proves he can be a Real Madrid centre-back

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Las Palmas were never really a match for 3mbet Real Madrid in their 3-0 defeat on Saturday and that's artly because Jesus Vallejo put in an imperious performance in Gran Canaria.In this form, the Spanish defender can be hugely important to Los Blancos.Zinedine Zidane has been reluctant to use the former Frankfurt centre-half too often this term, as the former Juventus midfielder has often been let down by his rotation options, yet on Saturday the 21-year-old was fantastic.Injuries haven't helped him this season and time on the bench has stunted his development, with Saturday his first LaLiga 3mbet appearance since December 9, 2017.He won every single duel with Jonathan Calleri, didn't look at all to be lacking in match sharpness, and he showed Zidane that he can be a reliable option in the coming weeks when the coach will likely need to use rotation players in league matches in between Champions 3mbet League games.Nacho Fernandez's injury also opens up a door for the Spanish Under-21 international.While it is unlikely he'll be involved in Turin, Vallejo could be handed a spot on the bench against Juventus on Tuesday and he's certainly earned it with a fine individual display on Saturday.
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