Chiellini gestures towards Real Madrid: How much have you pa

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Chiellini gestures towards Real Madrid: How much have you pa

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Juventus centre-back Giorgio Chiellini was outraged at the performance of the referee Michael Oliver during their Champions League quarter-final second leg against Real Madrid as Los Blancos were awarded a controversial last-minute penalty. ลิ้ ง sbo Cristiano Ronaldo's late penalty means that the Italians will not reach the quarter-finals of the competition and Chiellini even accused the Spanish side of having paid the referee by waving imaginary money. ลิ้ ง sbo
"It's the biggest robbery I've suffered in my career," Chiellini told Italian television afterwards."It is obvious that Real Madrid always benefit in the Champions League and that it never goes the other way."Bayern Munich still remember what happened here last year."
Miralem Pjanic also used his Instagram account to put across his feelings, saying "shame". ลิ้ ง sbo
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