Any feedback?

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Any feedback?

Postautor: DeepRoad281 » 22 sty 2019, o 18:38

Escort service is legal? I am basically looking for GFE (full-mode)
Did anyone try it? How was it
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Re: Any feedback?

Postautor: Pavannicen44 » 22 sty 2019, o 21:22

In many countries, the escort service is an absolutely legal business! Like in Amsterdam escort girls pay tax))
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Re: Any feedback?

Postautor: Gardonand » 23 sty 2019, o 15:52

Yes, I used these services several times! I can say that I really liked it, the girl was very beautiful! I had a great time!
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Re: Any feedback?

Postautor: watchout » 14 lis 2019, o 11:39

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