My first experience!

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My first experience!

Postautor: Gardonand » 25 sty 2019, o 17:33

Recently I called a girl from an escort, this was my first time. And I can say that I was very pleased! What your impressions of the first time?
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Re: My first experience!

Postautor: darek33121 » 28 sty 2019, o 12:51

Jakby pan o przetłumaczył na język polski to na pewno był oby to bardzo dobrze.Że pan tego nie zrobił to jest bardzo źle.

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Re: My first experience!

Postautor: Pavannicen44 » 29 sty 2019, o 10:30

My first time was in Kolkata. Then I went with friends for the weekend and we decided to contact the local escort agency For ordering girls and relax! Then I lost my mind as a little boy, but everything was fine!
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Re: My first experience!

Postautor: mikefelps23 » 29 sty 2019, o 15:15

My first time was with an escort girl in Telaviv. My brother order this girl for me. That was a great experience!
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Re: My first experience!

Postautor: watchout » 14 lis 2019, o 11:32

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