Metal highlighted letters

Metal highlighted letters

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Metal highlights:
The highlighted metal letters, the type of steel called the panel steel, is another type of highlighting in the area of ​​the panel, which is like the letters of the plastic neon or the highlighted letters of the chelennyum with the prominence and edges of the work. Both the face and the edges of the letter are, as its name suggests, metal, and can be used from a variety of metals such as steel, copper, iron and bronze to make metal letters. With the introduction of technology into the design field, it is possible to create compound alphabets, and it is possible to combine the highlighted metal letters with the highlighted letters of the chlinnium and the highlighting of the plastic or the plexus and provide a nice combination of letters, in this case with a beam of two We can also have the beauty of steel, and we can also enjoy the beauty of the bold letters of plastic, chlinnium or plexiglass, making the panel in this way is that the lettering is made of plastic, chlenim or plexiglas and The edges can be of steel or other metals.
The metallic panel is available in both light and light colors, because metal can not pass through the light. This panel is usually installed in places that do not need light, but if you want to use light for your billboard Letters are made in the form of Indigo Light letters, ie, light from behind, in which case the sung lights of the SMS will be spun off the back of the letters and bring a beautiful effect to your billboard.
How to build a metal panel:
Stage One: Like the design of other highlighted letters, to create a letter of metal letters, the first letters of the customer are designed by computer software, and the font and thickness of the letters are determined.

Stage 2: At this stage, the cutting of the highlighted design using the CNC is done on the design or by plotting, this can be done by manual scissors, but the use of manual scissors gives rise to shaky edges and wins If the laser cutting machine performs this operation with ease and with smooth edges within a short time.

Step Three: After cutting the highlighted metal, it is time to prepare the edges of one to four centimeters and paste the edges around the cut. The galvanized letters used to edge and tile edges work on the tin design, but if we want to use the furnace colors, we should use gauze to paste the edges on the letters body.

Now why is it zarjush?

The reason for this is that if you do not use zarjush, it is removed from the treatment during heating in the furnace edge.

After pasting the edges on the body of letters, it is time to wrap around the letters and remove the sharp edges and the winner, which is done either by the device or done by the wrist brush or soft sanding Takes .

Stage 4: The highlighted metal letters made of steel type do not need to paint, but if you used other materials, it's time to paint the letters or the so-called stroke of letters.

What is meant by stroke?

Stroking means using an extra layer on the main layer

Then the mirror is made of galvanized. High-performance metal letters are available in a variety of colors. After the letters are made in the workshop, the letters are washed using a thinner and painted using polyurethane paints.

Step Five: If you want a lightweight metallic panel, this stage turns on highlight metal exposure. At this point in time, the SMD lamps are included in an empty space between the boxes and the boxes that illuminate the light-emitting diode light bulbs to the level of the letters and display a beautiful billboard.

Step Six: Install the panel in place and transfer the additions to the back of the work and fix the imperfections.
There are several things to note in the process of making metal highlight boards:
Among the metals used to make metal panels, you can mention copper, rice, steel, and iron. What sort of metal you choose for your metal panel is important because it is a metal that determines It is the color and the only galvanized metal is colorful. Its metallic steel has three shades of golden, silver and black, opaque and shiny, and it can be made in two sharper and simple shapes, most of which are golden. But if you are using copper or rice promotional billboards, after a while, the letters become opaque and need to be repaid. Today, the use of this type of product is outdated.

Here we want to ask a question

What is galvanizing?
Galvanizing is a coating of several metals. In fact, one of the methods that prevents metal decay is to galvanize it, that is, to cover the metal's metal by a layer of protective metal.

There are many methods for applying the metal galvanizing process, the best of which is galvanizing of oily sheets, ie immersing iron sheets in melting materials. The amount of galvanized coating applied on multiple sheets varies depending on the mass of the metal coating on their ZN, which is our number between 100 and 350 grams per square meter. The more we get off the surface of the metal, the lower the percentage of iron in the several layers. The outer layer of galvanized steel contains zinc crystals, the outer layer is malleable and supports 40 to 90% of the total thickness of the galvanized coating. Before starting galvanic surgery, it is necessary first to prepare the surface of metals for the galvanizing coating, since the lack of surface preparation causes imperfection of the galvanizing process, and in the later stages of the work there are problems that all arise from the lack of surface preparation.

Preparation of metal surfaces for the galvanizing operation includes the following steps:

Surface cleaning: The surface of the metals is cleansed using a hot alkaline solution or acid bath.

Removal of Iron Oxide: This step is done using a solution of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid of iron oxide, or it can be removed with sand or tin completely from the metal surface.

Washing the surface of the letters: Washing the surface of metals is usually done using a solution of ammonium chloride. At this stage, all remaining oxides are removed from the surface of the metals, and a protective steel layer to prevent the formation of further oxides on the surface of the metals before they are formed in the melt bed.

Metal Highlighter Features:
1) The metal plate price is more appropriate and cheaper than other boards, such as a chalonium board, and if you do not want to spend a lot of money on making your billboard and you want a more beautiful billboard, a metallic can be a good choice.

2) Using a galvanized metal, you can order a billboard that matches the color you want.

3) If you intend to use the promotional bill for your long-term use, the highlight metal panel is a good choice because of its weatherability and weatherability.

4) The price of the highlighted metal board is very convenient, but if you want to use the furnace color, the metal table is more affordable at times than the number of letters and if the number of letters and the environment in your billboard It is economically feasible to use the furnace color with a very high cost.

5) If you are considering the steel type when ordering a metallic metal panel, it is important to note that the steel sheets have two types of steel sheets and steel sheets. The main type, which is not absorbed by the magnet, does not stain the sheet, which is durable and durable.

6) Because of the type of metal sheet metal, no dirt, dust and dust on these sheets are created and, if dirty, they are simply clean and shiny.
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