Hormone Growth Therapy


Hormone Growth Therapy

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These days, so many people are talking about ormone growth therapy as opposed to years ago when it was still available, but not as popular. Today it is almost impossible not to see a television advertisement, a roadside billboard or even to hear a radio advertisement for some kind of hormone growth supplements. They will claim to be able to help improve sexual performance and build muscle mass as their main selling feature. There is so much more to treatment for those who are suffering with low GH levels in their blood though. Of course people want to look younger for vanity reasons or to be more sexually potent in the bedroom; however, true growth hormone deficiencies can cause severe physical, emotional and mental problems that can impede upon a person’s life in dramatic ways. Clinics such as HT Medical Center who treat people every day with hormone growth therapy only work with those who have a true depletion of growth hormones. Reputable clinics do not work with athletes looking to improve their performance or people who do not have authentic deficiencies. Studies from some of the most popular medical journals show that the use of human growth hormone when not needed can be dangerous and sometimes life threatening. Hormone growth treatment should only be utilized from a prescription from a licensed doctor. There are many HGH therapies and supplements that can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, but any HRT professional would advise against using any of these kinds of products. The best, most effective and safe method of hormone growth therapy is through physician prescribed medications via injection.

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