Know the elements used in the advertising message

Know the elements used in the advertising message

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Know the elements used in the advertising message
A successful marketing strategy in the field of advertising utilizing advertising tools such as Chelenium, media, internet and social networking is one of the most effective ways to reach loyal customers and ultimately sell more goods or services. By identifying opportunities, a marketing plan sets the tone for a complete business relationship between industry and customers, providing more sales leads and winning market competition.

Important Elements in a Marketing Program:
1) Purpose:
The key element of having a realistic goal is that every business aims to have more customers and generate higher profits, but alongside these goals, the name and reputation must also be developed to infiltrate into the mind of the audience, in fact the brand and your identity. The kind of customer attitude you and your business is. Other goals of the marketing strategy are to provide quality, continuous service and after sales services that are responsive to future customer needs.

2) Analysis of company status
A successful marketing strategy will help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business inside and outside the organization using meticulous planning tools, so that you can respond appropriately to unanticipated changes and be in crisis. And don't lose out on the mismanagement and volatility of the market.

3) Message:
In a successful marketing strategy, a promotional message plays a key role in attracting customers, and repeating that message continually promotes and differentiates you from other competitors. Always try to incorporate the core purpose of your business into a promotional message, insert a relevant and engaging message, and build creativity in your message to make it more effective. There are several elements involved in the eligibility and appeal of a promotional message that include:

1) Advertising language:
The language and manner of advertising should be tailored to the social culture and mental capacity of the audience. There are two types of direct, interactive, concise and discrete advertising language. Advertising languages ​​are usually informal and conversational, but besides using this language There is a strong tendency in commercials to use concise or dismissive words (Shah Mohammadi).

2) Advertising song:
The song used in the soundtrack to the ads plays a great role in capturing and understanding the content. The song made on the commercials must be in tune with the cultural space of the community and the numerous listening talents and tastes and be tailored to the audience's culture, taste and age.

3) Coloring:
Colors not only convey the concepts of advertising to the target audience, but they also acquire new meanings when combined with other colors, so an advertising manager must be aware of the psychological and perceptual aspects of colors (Mohammadian, 2000).

4) Advertising slogan
Promotional slogans play an important role in establishing and maintaining a connection between the audience and the ad so that if a well-designed advertising slogan does not matter whether it is a simple or balanced phrase or a particular word or question, it is important to design and play. It is with the mind of the audience and the amount of impact it can have on the customer's mind for many years.

Promotional slogans are divided into two general categories:
1) Institutional slogans: These slogans are usually created to create a positive and credible mentality of the company, institution or institution to attract more customers and in most companies the whole corporate message of the company is summed up in a slogan that is in all advertising and Their company headers are available so they can have a positive image of the promotion of the goods and services offered

2) Commodity slogans: These slogans introduce goods and services and illustrate the positive aspects of the job, and in this type of advertising they use the exponential law to introduce a product and increase the power of advertising and make a bigger claim. They show what is out there.

Ideal Promotional Slogan Features:
Advertising slogans are different from other forms of writing because the slogan is designed to stay in the minds of people and the word to be repeated in the mouths and to engrave the name of the product and its message in the customer's mind. The ideal slogan is a slogan that is short and slippery and that people can easily remember. Observations such as clarity, balance and diligence, proportionality and simplicity in setting the advertising slogan seem useful (Mohammadian, 2000).
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